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06-03-20 The tipping point for police accountability


Native voice one the native American radio network. This is native. America calling. I'm Tara Gatewood. The video of George, Floyd's detainment and subsequent expressions of outrage over his death have many people recalling the names and faces of others who have died at the hands of police. Senate Jenny Navajo. Woman was shot and killed by a winslow Arizona. Police officer in two thousand sixteen. Zachary bare hills died after repeated shocks from police done gun in Omaha in twenty seventeen. Janetta? Riley was killed by police in sandpoint. Idaho in twenty fourteen, Brunei. Davis was killed by Sheriff's deputies on the MUCKLESHOOT reservation in two thousand, sixteen and I know there's a longer list of incidents that have happened in each case. Officers were cleared of criminal charges. For many people there's no making sense of a criminal criminal justice system that imposes no consequences when a person of color is killed because of a mental health episode, a misunderstanding or a relatively minor crime. Today we'll get perspective from someone who's brother was shot and killed by police in Denver. We'll also check in with those who keep their eyes on the pervasive issue of discord between police in need. Need of Americans and we want to hear from you. What is your opinion of what's going on right now? One, eight, hundred, nine, nine, six, two, eight, four, eight, is the number and today. We are going to start off in Minneapolis Minnesota. We have Gabe black elk with us today. He's a lead organizer with native lives matter and he is local to our pleasure to have him here Gabe welcome. In debut on speakerphone. Jump on the hints it. Because, we want to hear you clearly again on. Remind you folks if you want to join us. One, eight, hundred, nine, six, two, eight, four, eight and Gabe. Just any thoughts on what we are witnessing, and maybe even. Is this reminding you of what your family had to live through? Okay! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm just now stepping out in my room when we're watching the CNN lives with the. There's there's the family is at the memorial site right now and we are here in Minneapolis Minnesota so I apologize again if I have. Missed that question no problem give gay. Tell me what you're thinking. Just what you watched on TV and if you're on speakerphone, get on the phone. Okay I'm I'm on here. yes, from what I'm seeing. What I'm watching is that the family is demanding that the other officers be charged for the murder George Floyd. And so game seeing everything that is unfolding. is any of this reminding you of what your family has had to go through. Yeah. It does open up owned. But I have learned to. Channel at a different way and for me you know casting out in the streets and sending down traffic. That's that's. where, that's where I get some of my hailing from. Insult Gabe anything you want to share about what happened to your brother. Yes my my brother, he was having a schizophrenic episode and. My mom called the police to get him help. So, there's police. They acknowledged name that they knew they were there for a mental health crisis that my brother was having. And when the COPS showed up, my brother was leaving the house at the same time. Then the cops started. Chasing my brother. They chased my brother into a trailer park and they cornered him. And when my brother came from around the corner, he held a kitchen knife too so. I'm sorry to hear that Gabe in. Just understanding everything that came about because of all this in what are your thoughts? What are we to do? How are we supposed to learn from things like this? What needs to change? For me for me I. The first thing that needs to change is that these police? They. They need to be held accountable for. You know the murderers that. They are creating amongst innocent people amongst. You know. People, who's not really posing this threat? To Dam on anyone else around him. And in the case of your brother Gabe, what was the result what ended up happening ultimately to the police? Police were never indicted. A were sound to be justified in killing my brother and they have been. Returned to work where they can. They continue to harass people on the streets. The police officer they killed my brother has. been caught camera, harassing homeless people on the sidewalk in the city of Denver and are. We noticed an picture on his hand. He has a tattoo of three percent three percent of the sign on his on his hand. So. We know that he's out there again. Harass people and people like that. They should lose their jobs and stuff like this happens to be held accountable and stuff like this happens. You know because it's just far too many people. Who are hurting. There are lot of people hurting in Gabe or win. This is the result. Do! You lose faith in the justice system. Yeah there, there's and you know. I have already I have already. 'cause nothing changes in there's there's they. They create these laws and may create new poll laws where they can go around those. That you know really can. You know. How about with the families? engaged. What do you think now that you and your family and others who supported the notion that this was wrong that you're not alone anymore that there are thousands of people who are saying similar things that you and your family did? At what you feel is the unjust death of your own brother. Yeah That I don't even know you know I don't even know where to begin. we know our family, you know we. We support you know family of George Floyd and all the rest of the stone lives. That were. Committed by the police. So you know we we're. We're out here where we're out here. We're you know we. We are in these states. Our family is wearing. These states were protesting. Send down. You know setting down traffic you know making their voices be heard and and You know we've been doing this. We'd been out there every day yesterday. We took a break, but we've been out there every day since Tuesday when the whole The whole protest started. And our son, the next Larry night our son was was shot in the leg with one of those.

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