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Boston Celtics coach Stevens writes letter of support to players amid protests


Celtics Jaylen brown Marcus smart and his canter in Vincent Corey A. were among those protesting racial and social injustice over the weekend after George Floyd's senseless death and head coach Brad Stevens fully supports his players in fact he wrote them a letter the thing that I wanted them to know is that every decent person is hurting every decent person feels the pain of the African American community but I also don't want to pretend like I know the exact distinct pain what I wanted in the nose on with some and you know I thought that was really important Stephen said he's feeling extreme sadness and pain and anger but he's proudest players views their emotions to take a stand it's so great to see so many guys so active but I know a lot of the guys you know I've talked to a lot of guys that everybody's for let's put it that way you know the leadership that they've shown is terrific Stephen said he hopes there will be short term healing near term gains and long term sustainable action to create change

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