She pulled them through everything


Entire show it's our special mother's day celebration we're gonna be telling stories about mothers mothers of very famous people and people you know and also mothers of people you don't first Kevin Durant's mom Wanda and we all know Kevin Durant to for sports fans and we probably known even if we aren't he was born in nineteen eighty eight when the tough streets of Washington DC found his way to prince George's county with not much but a mother who cared she pulled them through everything end times were hard Kevin made his way to the university of Texas where he was a real star and then wound up in the middle of the country in Oklahoma City for the Oklahoma City thunder we're guy's name harden and Westbrook also found themselves as young athletes three hall of Famers on the same small midwestern cities basketball franchise the twenty fourteen Kevin Durant won the MVP award in the NBA I gave a speech that anyone who saw could not forget here's Kevin talking about his mother Wanda

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