Documents don’t forget: Leaked 1996 court file shows Biden accuser Tara Reade told of ‘sexual harassment’ in his office

Pat Gray Unleashed


One thousand nine hundred sixty court document that was obtained by the San Luis Obispo Tribune. One of my favorite papers in the country yellow man yeah. I I- subscription as the one subscription. I must maintain a pet. Don't even start the day right without the sensory Obispo Tribune. I can't get start my day without it. Anyway they show it shows terror read you know the accuser of Joe Biden. Uh was represented by a well known lawyer and accused of UH accused by one thousand nine hundred ninety six told her husband Ex husband of the harassment in Biden's Senate office so this is has been filed in court papers. Yeah so so. Tarot reader husband are having issues ex husband. Ray In one thousand nine hundred six and what are? The things he said was that she was still affected by that sexual assault than three years previous. Yeah wow so I mean that's another tip right. It'd be a very elaborate plot. If Tara read her ex husband told court filings yes she had this thing where Joe Biden sexually harassed three years ago. That's still affecting today.

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