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Trump tells Amazon to 'build their own post office' in latest jab


Post office is one of the oldest institutions. We have in this country. It's even written into the constitution just after punishment for counterfeiting and before the Armed Forces is an entire article ahead of the presidency. Now President Donald Trump says forget the constitution and maybe let the post office die on Wednesday atop one of the president. A Guy who was the finance chair for this year's Republican National Convention was named as the head of the postal service so trump allies going to run the organization that trump is very clearly to destroy and it seems pretty clear that trump's animist is largely motivated by anger towards the CEO of Amazon's Jeff Bezos because Amazon currently has a deal with the post office delivers packages and the president's beef is not specifically with Amazon. No Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post a paper the writes articles about the president he dislikes and so it looks like Donald Trump is prepared to wants to kill one of the oldest institutions in this country for revenge against the free press from warmest. Dave Diane editor the American prospect earlier. This week he wrote out key. Resignation could ease presents politically motivated war on the postal service. Dave let's I guess start with. Who is this individual that is now going to be the postmaster general the US yes included joy as you mentioned? He's the current largest fundraisers the lead Fundraiser on the Republican National Convention is wife is nominee for US ambassador Canada and he's a large trump donor. So I mean this. This is functionally equivalent to putting trump himself. Pretty much in in the position of running this this enormous nations. So you've got running the. There's also the president's longstanding animus towards it. It's been quite explicit. I mean to two degree. That's really kind of shocking. Basically he he bangs on about the washing posting calls in the Amazon Washington Post and then he bangs on about the post office having to deal with Amazon. And it doesn't. It's not hard to add to up to four. Which is that. He wants to screw the post office because he doesn't like the fact they work with. Jeff Bezos who owns the Washington Post and the real irony? Here is that if you if you do at damaged post office. That's not going to hurt. Jeff bezos I mean Amazon now ships their own packages about fifty percent of the time and a crushing post. Office is really going to up. The game Both the logistics at Amazon and also Fedex and ups Oh The only people this will hurt are the hundreds of thousands of employees at the US. Just talking about some government agencies the second largest employer in the United States and to You know threaten their very lively boards over just this this vendetta that you have that you don't really even understand because what you what you WanNa do isn't going to really affect the the the the animus that you have is is really just a bomb so we should also say new you notice. There's the right has had it out for the post office for a while right. And and the structure of it has been change over time There was congressional legislation that that that require them to pre fund their pension liabilities in a way that basically no one else has to which has created enormous burden on their balance sheet. What is their current financial situation because my understanding is they are in desperate desperate dire straits there definitely in trouble and what you mentioned the pre-funding requirement literally having to pay or set aside money or the Workers that haven't even been born yet. That will be coming in seventy five years down. The road is is the primary reason prior to the pandemic during the pandemic although package deliveries increased direct mail and all kinds of outfits gone way way down so The postal service initially asked for I believe it was eighty nine billion dollars. They got a ten bill billion dollar in addition to their line of credit Through this cares act and the Treasury Department is actually using this right now as leverage this is why the vice chair David Williams resigned because he saw treasury meddling in the affairs of the postal service using this ten billion dollar line of credit as as bait basically should get whatever policy decisions. They wanted out of the bustle service. Say More about that because that's the subject of your reporting. Yeah so Williams resigned my sources. Tell me that he didn't WanNA participate in what is essentially a fraud. The Treasury Department Was Dangling this ten billion dollars in saying you got the union concessions. You have to obviously raise package delivery race on Amazon You have to install a certain people in charge of the postal service and we see the the result of that today with Louis Joy. This trump donor being put in charge. So that is my understanding why David Williams resigned and he didn't WANNA participate. You've got a situation you've got a situation treasury. Has Ten billion dollars credit they're in desperate financial straits and MNUCHIN is Treasury Department is using that as a kind of as leverage to get the USPS to do the kinds of things that are the the focus of the president's vendetta including then we have this political head who's now been put in charge of USPS as we come into an election. We should note in which may be extremely vital that we have mail in voting right. I mean the we saw what happened. Wisconsin there's a of fear about what happens in the fall particularly if we have a second wave like there is there is a fundamental democratic role for the USPS to play here. That could be more important than ever

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