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Company and blog brew has quite a following. Can you share with us? What voice grew is and how many subscribers you have to your blog at this time absolutely so voice brew is be newsletter for Alexa enthusiasts and is simple to help people get more out of Alexa. I launched voice brew a little over a year ago and it's scaled to over forty five thousand Alexa enthusiast email subscribers since then we also published comprehensive guides on voice dot com on different features in use cases. So things like routine setting up smart lights with Alexa settings that you wanNA update and we also have a companion flash reaping for the news while congratulations to you that forty five thousand is nothing to blink. An eye AD. That's pretty amazing. Are you able to share those kind of how you were able to grow that following so quickly and it's such a large scale? Yeah I mean there. I have tried you know so many different things and what I am. The most proud of excited for for the future is just the organic traffic that I've gotten to the various comprehensive guides that are featured on voice dot com. So part of my hypothesis with voice brew and believing that I would be able to scale it because of course you know. It's great if you had a really good product but if you don't have distribution for the product in the end it doesn't really matter you we all WanNa build impactful businesses A great product and a great distribution strategy for that product so when I launched Voice Brew. Part of my thinking was that there seemed to me that there was kind of a space to write comprehensive guides and content. More broadly for just. Break your people so of course. There are the scene of the world who do a really good job. You like the Tom's guides type media outlets who do a fantastic job writing feature guides but I think that their audiences are a bit more technologically sophisticated. So I'm writing per pupil who are just not a super techie. People who really need things to be laid out extremely clearly and what's happened. Is that a number of my posts. Have become some of the top ranked posts on Google so for example if you search for Alexa routines for Spurs Alexa routine. Guide is one of the top search results and that is a query that a year ago. You know there were some people who are searching for EPA today tons of people are setting up Alexa routines and searching for that and so I've been able to sort of go after a bunch of these terms by writing really comprehensive user friendly content for that and then I capture people who come to the site. I have a place to sign up for the slaughter and guests turns out allowed people get more out of Alexa and so they sign up for the newsletter. While again. Congratulations to you and and Cerita Ray. Which I think is something I know I personally talk about all the time as you really found a niche. You've found a need. You really did your research to say what does somebody wants to know about this. What are they searching for in the near providing valuable content so that takes a lot of hard work so I do recognize that? You've really done that congratulate you and again. He said about forty five thousand subscribers. What are you noticing in terms of stats or feedback from your community? Such as what questions questions they have or what they're using voice or maybe where they're frustrated and so forth so since the start of. I guess we'll call it quarantine life about a month ago. I have seen a major search in subscriber in -ment with my emails which is has been really ice to see and I think what's happening. Is that people all over. The country are all over. The world are spending more time at home for the First Time. And as part of the suggested they're forming new habits am one of those habits is using their voice assistance a lot more because they're at home with their smart speakers and also in new ways and I think that one of the things that means that right. Now there's a real opportunity for all of us in the boys I community to engage more deeply with users and just to switch to the second part of your question. What her Kinda questions Mike Heading. It really spans the gamut everything How do I adjust the base on my echo? I've been helping one subscriber who's extremely frustrated because she can't figure out she's having difficulty figuring out how to use the drop a feature on her echo in order to speak to drop it on her daughter's echoes. You can chat with her grandchildren now. There are people who have issues with using Alexa music alarms. Who want to set up. Extreme weather alerts. You know there's been all kinds of crazy weather that's been happening around the country in recent weeks. I was emailing today with a subscriber in India. Who's dying to use a feature that lets you ask? Alexa to remember things for you. But it's not available in India yet and he's asking me if they're second that can do you know help push it along. It's really kind of almost anything you can think of actually getting so many questions email to me and not surprisingly a lot of duplicate questions that I recently launched a chorus style. She went a forum as part of voice website where I recently just in the past week or so started posting an answering questions there so that when I have subscribers that are asking the same question instead of emailing everybody you know an answer. I can direct them to the relevant posts in the forum and my goal. Is that at some point voice. Bruce Subscribers will post their questions directly to the forum and that in addition to me answering the questions that members of the Voice Brew Community. And maybe even the voice could not more. Broadly will help to answer some of

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