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Eliza Ann Gardner born - May 28, 1831


Podcast. The stain history class is production of iheartradio pay. I'm eaves and welcome to this day in history class. A podcast where we bring you a little slice of history every day. I hope you all are still faring. Well I am faring. Well I am still in my closet. Everything is going great and I am so happy to still be bringing you all episodes with that fit on with the show. Today is may twenty eighth at twenty twenty? The Day was may twenty eighth eighteen. Thirty one abolitionist and religious leader Elisa. An was born in new. York Gardner is remembered for founding the Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Garner's family likely became involved in the Ame Zion Church when they lived in New York but when Elisa was young the family moved to Boston where Elisa was raised anti slavery circles in Boston. Her father became a ship contractor. The family lived in the mainly Black West. End Neighborhood in their home was a stop on the underground railroad. A network of routes and locations that enslaved people used to escape to free state in Canada because of this to us acquainted with figures like sojourner truth. Harriet Tubman and William Lloyd Garrison. Once you left school. She supported herself through just making and joined church. Abolitionist circles Gardner became a Sunday school teacher and she became Sunday School Superintendent for Boston. She organized the First Zion Missionary Society in New England at her church the society which later became known as the Ladies Home and Foreign Missionary Society raised money to send missionaries to Africa as Black methodists debated women's role in the Church and Missionary Fundraising Gardner weighed in on the question. She said the following at the eighteen eighty four. Amu Zion general conference. I come from old Massachusetts where we have declared that all not only men but women too are created free and equal with certain inalienable rights which men are bound to respect. She went on to say that women would continue to support the church if it's male leaders supported and respected

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