Seattle-area researchers say testing, contact tracing and effective quarantines will be needed more than ever


Of the Bellevue based institute for disease modeling says a comprehensive system of testing contact tracing and quarantines will be needed to avoid a bird a void a burst of new coronavirus infections commerce Brian Calvert tells us one of those elements is causing concern among privacy rights activists it's the part about contact tracing which in essence means that when someone comes down with cope with nineteen health officials try and find out every person that victim came in contact with I think any reasonable person would like to be notified not controversial until you consider the lengths some officials may go to get this information British Columbia's leading voice on covert nineteen told reporters recently that they can access credit card and store loyalty card information to track down those who may have had contact with the virus well Dr Bonnie Henry says the information will be used responsibly partial wall layout with the BC civil liberties association tells CTV news I would be very interested in hearing more about how that's been used and what those the civic standards were in place and what the guidelines are can officials access your grocery or credit card information here will they former Attorney General Suzanne Anton every time you give something away you've given it away what will that order be rescinded or will it still be there five years from now Brian Calvert komo

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