Staying Safe in Hotels This Summer



The reality is for a lot of people. This is the kick off to summer and I've talked about how different summer vacations are going to be this year with people doing driving trips usually within five hundred miles of home. The number of people flying on airplanes has reached lows. I think last seen in the nineteen thirties. Maybe I mean it's really unreal. How few people are traveling by airplane? People don't feel comfortable with that so we're going to be on road trips and the idea when you're on the road of stopping at a hotel is one that people feel like they're they're really unequipped to know how safe that is or not now in reality. You are overwhelmingly safe staying in a hotel as long as you keep distance from other people in a hotel room. That's where you can have some risks. The handles you touch and the bathroom things like that. And this is actually easier than you might think for you to be safe. When you're on the road you don't want to congregate in the lobby of the hotel where you'd be in close proximity to a lot of people when you get to the room you want to think about you. Open that door to go into the room. Who's touched that door handle? We don't know yet. How much true danger? There is from touching a surface. Someone else's touched who may be infected with corona virus. But you know you're touching a handle other people have touched when you turn on the sink when you flush the toilet when you touch any handle in your room. The important thing is washing your hands. I mean it's no different than anywhere else. You might be the washing. Your hands is corn key to you protecting yourself as far as Surfaces within a hotel room being infected again when you look at what the CDC has said that the real danger is person to person transmission

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