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05-27-20 Book of the Month: Native California Flash Cards


Walk into native America calling from Studio Forty nine in Albuquerque. I'm Tara Gatewood this month. Our Book of the month feature were turning to the pages of a different kind of work. That's aimed at building native identity and language the native California Flash CARDS FOR CULTURING LANGUAGE. Learning are for boosting minds and sparking an interest in need of culture the images that learners have access to are set up to bring attention to different aspects of native life. We invite you to join us as we turn it over to the cultural teachers right after National Native News. This is national native news. I'm Antonio Gonzales. The little shell tribe of Chippewa Indians in Montana received federal recognition in December. The tribe does not have a land base or a healthcare facility but as Sophia Stewart Rossi. Reports leaders have plans for a health center after filling out a nationwide application from the Department of Treasury. The little shell tribe of Chippewa Indians received twenty five million dollars from the cares act to address the impacts of covid nineteen via zoom chairman. Gerald Grey of the Little Shell tribe expresses. They're starting from Ground Zero. We were really excited. Because you know people need to understand that we have nothing in terms of Health. Care any clinic. Nothing offer our membership as of now the federal war needs to be spent by December thirtieth which is seven months away with such short turnaround. The little shell tribe will spend it with oversight from tribal attorneys an outside certified public accountant following the award guidelines. The tribe is planning to use the money to purchase or build an Indian health services. Urgent Facility and the Great Falls Montana area with a focus and telemedicine for us because we are populations spread out not only in Montana but across the United States with a longer turnaround. The little shell tribal look into private investors to build a hospital in. Great Falls Montana. I'm Sophia Store Rossi announcement of a major change in the access route to the proposed pebble. Mine and the Bristol Bay region of Alaska has been met with resistance from tribal groups and other opponents according to the US Army Corps of engineers the least environmentally damaging access to the mine site the road along the northern end of Lake Ileana previous plans called for a route that included crossing the lake by ferry. The Egg Village Council rejected the route in a statement said the Army Corps continues to disregard village concerns and has failed in the trust responsibility to adequately consult with the tripe Bristol. Bay Corporation said. The route change has not been vetted by the public and cooperating agencies. The Army Corps is expected to release its final environmental impact statement for the proposed copper Golden Lipton mine as early as next month. Canada's Indigenous Services Minister says ceremonies will be allowed to continue amid in nineteen restrictions as Dan Carpenter reports. The decision puts Ottawa odds with at least one province concerns were first raised about indigenous ceremonies after Royal Canadian Mounted Police were deployed to a first nation in Saskatchewan where a sundance ceremony was being held. Rcmp say they received at least two reports of large public gatherings at first nations in the province but organizers at once Scotch when events said there were thirty five people in attendance and all were following safety protocols set by the chief and council including social distancing.

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