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Reading it eating in the the parking lot at Ken's place in Scarborough Maine that's an an opportunity I think it's Cumberland County but it's it's either York or Cumberland and the success at the pub the place is packed by me Dave Wilcox who owns he's a friend of ours and we love cans place I've been going there my entire life love it medium young male he's in better shape because he's got the huge parking lot he's got the outdoor tables but I can remember when I was a kid that he didn't have any indoor dining and he would love to have that open again on June first this is this is so bad I know some people are just some people still texting me and saying you know they they're they they think it's good come up once for all the people in the Cumberland and York counties especially then I guess interest Kaga but mainly Cumberland and York who voted for Janet mills what do you think that the people who voted for Janet mills in those counties are going to suffer as much as the people who didn't vote for Janet mills the people actually have jobs in these restaurants I'm thinking they probably were less likely to be voting for GM unveils the people aboard for Janet mills of people with trust funds who work for nonprofits who moved up because they couldn't afford the Brooklyn or the of South Boston went to the side they live in the hipster district in Portland anyway eight four four five hundred forty two forty two just to give you a little news there's there's some interesting crime news Hey that's that we've been kind of over one state police this size stories actually on some of the national wires man walks away from over one hundred thirty thousand dollars in cash at Logan airport after questioning a missed flight suspicious destination and chart changing amounts of U. S. currency letter would be passenger walking away for more than a hundred and thirty thousand dollars in cash at Logan airport over the weekend the this this passenger unnamed booked a flight at Logan for a destination unnamed known as a source area for illegal narcotics he missed the flight the book the new one and so he's he's putting his luggage through the through the security gate and they noticed there's a lot of cash kind of a Whitey Bolger situation when he was going to Montreal right

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