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Any difference to you or me now


Andrew Cuomo meeting today with president trump hoping to get some massive infrastructure projects going is a good discussion he understood what we were talking about understood what we need and he's going to be thinking about a talk to his team and he said we'll talk next week some of the projects would require federal funding the number of covered nineteen patients in Louisiana hospitals drop below eight hundred for the first time in two months in Las Vegas Wynn resorts and Caesars entertainment plan to begin opening their facilities on June fourth NASA and SpaceX will try again in a few days on an historical NASA and SpaceX crews monitor the weather for today's launch a decision to scrub the mission came in the home stretch less than twenty minutes before launch it could be heard between the crews at Kennedy Space Center but if the lunch time could be pushed by just ten minutes they would have been good to go but it was impossible to do that this flight was for four thirty three PM eastern or not at all the launch now postponed to Saturday afternoon micromolar ABC news president trump and vice president pence where they are today president trump tweeting just moments ago that he will be there on Saturday you are listening to ABC news I've always wanted to learn another language but every time I try it never stick

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