Explained: Why New York has emerged the epicenter of the US’s COVID-19 outbreak


York is suffering more drastically than any other state. By far as of right now there has been tragically. Three hundred sixty thousand confirmed cases of coronavirus virus in New York and over twenty three thousand deaths by the time. I am recording this. That is in a state of nineteen million people. Now let's do some compare and contrast in Florida a state of over twenty one million people and a large a large elderly population. There has been only about fifty thousand confirmed cases in only about twenty two hundred deaths so twenty to one hundred deaths in Florida versus over twenty three thousand deaths in the state of New York and Florida is more populous and Texas state with twenty nine million people has had about fifty four thousand cases with only about fifteen hundred deaths again. Fifteen hundred deaths versus twenty three thousand deaths in New York and these states have also had much less restrictive lockdowns. Now there is no doubt that New York is different. It is more densely populated a lot more public transportation. That's much more used than in places like Florida and New York are places like Florida and taxes And I especially true of course in in New York City where most of its cases are but cannot really be the only reason it couldn't possibly be that maybe leadership has fumbled that. Maybe they haven't done as good of a job as the media has said that they are doing. So let's review some facts about Cuomo state and examine. Why possibly they have run into so much trouble. We've talked about this in the past. It bears repeating so the state of New York was facing a budget crisis before all of this happened back in November. The New York Post reported that New York face a six point one billion hole in their budget for this year and Cuomo's planning on making cuts to Medicaid rates for hospitals and nursing homes. They fail to present a real plan. Criticized Dave Free Del of the Citizens Budget Commission. A fiscal watchdog group. They've known about this for a long time but the plan they did present is really one part. Gimmick he added his analysis shows. The state was already in trouble after pushing off a one point. Seven BILLION DOLLAR MEDICAID BILL IN MARCH Two thousand nineteen into Into two thousand twenty which grew into the four billion dollars according to an article in the nation. A left-wing commentary magazine. Obviously I don't agree with a lot of what they write but they can be pretty good at holding Democrats accountable. This is an article by Ross Bark. Entitled Cuomo Helped Get New York into this mess. Governor Cuomo has long mismanaged the budget and the Medicaid Program program in the state and has reduced the size of hospitals. Here's some excerpts from the article in which he argues that some of the budgetary abyss has been the CUOMO administration's own making postponing Medicaid payments and failing in the past iron out inefficiencies. Like the state's pain Medicaid costs for relatively wealthy. Private hospitals are relatively wealthy private hospitals. That don't need the aid in the first place. What's more this has lost. More than twenty thousand hospital beds over the last twenty years Cuomo who has governed for almost half that period CUOMO has governed since two thousand eleven. Never advocated for any kind of expansion of hospital beds until last month he now says New York needs one hundred. Ten thousand says this is a couple months ago more than double the current capacity. He has never been a forceful advocate for keeping hospitals open in fact he is empowered bureaucrats who have argued aggressively to shudder them in two thousand.

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