LA retail stores to reopen with in-person shopping, mayor says


LA mayor Eric Garcetti and LA county officials have announced that all retail businesses may re open for in person shopping today houses of worship can also resume in person services as long as they follow safety laws KCRW's Larry Perot has more Garcetti said every retail store will have to adopt the county's code nineteen safety protocols he also announced people would be allowed to gather for in house worship but had no more than twenty five percent capacity or a Max of one hundred people he says regardless of the business re opening each one should download and complete the city's business tool kit which includes the counties physical distancing checklist and protocols if you're looking for another place to get back to nature city also announced yesterday that Runyon canyon has re opened as a one way loop joining all other city trails he says it's being closely monitored by city personnel under cobra nineteen safety guidelines two other recreation zones open Monday along the LA river in a lesion valley and in the Sepulveda basin in Encino for KCRW I'm Larry Parral meanwhile LA county leaders will ask governor Newsom to allow faster re opening of restaurants and some other businesses that are still closed because the pandemic the LA times reports the county will submit what is being called a variance application to the governor today for that variance to be approved the county will have to show its meeting state requirements for containing covert nineteen that includes having no more than twenty new hospitalizations on a single day and fewer than eight percent of people testing positive for the virus over the past week LA county reported more than eighteen hundred new coronavirus cases yesterday that was the most on a single day yet although officials say the numbers reflect a backlog of test results LA county also reported twenty seven nu kopen nineteen related

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