'A step toward normalcy' - NHL shapes a return to play plan



So the NHL's not gonna be regular season but they are gonna have a playoff season they put out a plan today that it will go straight into the playoffs with twenty four teams instead of sixteen if the answer was able to resume play that's what commissioner Gary Bettman the NHL said early today he said and I quote of the return to play plan since March twelfth we've been hopeful and optimistic that by developing all options alternatives we could get to this point I know I join sports fans everywhere when I say we cannot wait for the players hit the ice again as we see some return to normalcy this is an important day for NHL fans in quote let's bring in a man that works with Gary Bettman as a matter by his right hand man he's bill Daly NHL deputy commissioner joining us in Freddie and Fitzsimmons on ESPN radio and SiriusXM channel eighty bill we can say this is whatever step it is first step middle step whatever that means but now there's a plan in place if things are able to happen the way you want what does this mean for your support not having the force to be taking a year off because a Copa ninety yeah well I I agree with you it's a I can't I can't number the staff but it is the staff and I think it's an important step and while I'm the first to acknowledge that we still have a long road to travel and so were playing games I think you know you always need to to make progress and I think that we made significant progress in as Gary alluded to a number of times during his availabilities today you know I I think it's a positive message for a fan base and certainly exhibits and demonstrates that both the league our clubs and our players have an interest in bringing the games back provided self help you save to do it so so we're pleased with today but also understand that a lot of work out of this hello there hope is not a plan you guys actually put a plan in place as you mentioned no set start date everyone has to be cleared and have to be safe but take us behind the scenes you found a way as a league to get an amicable deal done to have a plan to return to the ice to return to the game with the players MLB take note and you you and you and you did it away from the media this is all done behind the scenes how were you able to get this done you know what we we've had and and you know I I I couldn't give the the players and the players association more credit in terms of how they approach the situation it is not a pleasant situation for everybody we understand there are a lot of people suffering both from a health standpoint but an economic standpoint as well in our fans are missing the game and I got you know that they could have taken a myriad of different approaches than they have but since day one we really have been online in wanting to come up with a plan wanted to do what's right for this for what's right for our for our players for our clubs and for our fans in terms of of coming back to play bring the game back and and trying to you know take those steps to get back to normalcy so you know they they've been instrumental in this entire process we form what we call the resumption of play committee early on five active players were participated in that lead during during otherwise tough times though they they volunteered their time to give some thought to this and and to help us work through the issues we were guided a lot bye bye the their input on on certain issues particularly with respect to the difficulties they will have of being out of of of you know hockey conditioning for two months now you know the need for ice time potentially a longer training camp than they would normally have just so the you know just to preserve their their health and safety and so I you know that they had a large hand in in in sculpting on this and you know we we so it looks still work in progress and in in many ways but again I think there's a lot of certainty to it and it does give our fans something to look

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