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You're running a race for the vaccine


Of new things Merck has entered the vaccine race to new partnerships Jennifer and they have purchased Austrian vaccine maker theme this you're running a race for the vaccine it plans to collaborate with a nonprofit research organization to develop another vaccine the president of Merck said Dev purchasing this company theme this quote we are eager to combine our strengths both to develop an active vaccine in the near term and to build a pandemic preparation it preparedness thank you Doug directed toward emerging agents translated we gonna make a lot of money that's why we're doing this because we will make a lot of though I would bet yeah yesterday if you compared to I know you always look at the a big investment in the in the cruise line and cruise line yeah but it's up to today yeah what's with you and I got my phone right here it's Robin Hood out because you know that's the only kind of investing like whoa whoa whoa right oh my gosh I'm a genius investor so I started with five hundred Bucks them up to seven hundred fifty three dollars and fifty five cents move just lost a dollar seven fifty two fifty good for you and now he's gone hi there article cruise line it's up to eighteen sixty nine a share was I bought it at eleven dollars I tell you you bye Levin does yours have eighteen hundred eighteen sixty five not eighteen hundred eighteen thousand six oh okay right that's really exciting that's exacting for me yeah right yeah exactly nine anyway so there is still a lot of speculation line of this hooting and hollering about when the vaccine gonna be available would be this year or next year yadda yadda and I think still I would say we're doctor Jack says

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