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Into the eighties and nineties


South bend at fourth street it has the right lane blocked so it's stopping ride for you from about the ten if you're in Encino on the one on one north bound just after white oak Avenue there was a crash in the right lane that's over to the right shoulder now and traffic is recovering from the four oh five in Anaheim hills ninety one westbound once you get to the two forty one you'll see some traffic there and that's going to clear up at the fifty five this report is sponsored by all state can't find this guy helps get you there faster a pager Marino with an Allstate agent you get a local expert and

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Into the eighties and nineties

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Lows around sixty tonight will

Bryan Suits 1 d ago

A couple of accidents has got an update

KCBS Radio Weekend News 1 d ago

Black in the carpool in two left lanes causing heavy delays from Central Avenue

Leo Laporte 1 d ago

Traffic every fifteen minutes next report three eighteen

Craig Allen 1 d ago

Brutality are also expected

Tim Conway Jr. 2 d ago

It is slow moving right now all along the four oh five freeway let time take a look at that when in Westminster

Tim Conway Jr. 2 d ago

Traveling eastbound delays leaving the one ten and that opens up for you when to make your way

John and Ken 2 d ago

From KFI partly cloudy tomorrow

John and Ken 2 d ago

At one hundred thousand

John and Ken 2 d ago

Economy into a deep recession

Gary and Shannon 2 d ago