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The pandemic there are some


Remembering a former White House Butler who served eleven presidents he has just seen everything this is a CBS news special report coronavirus and Alison Keyes in the CBS news Washington bureau in the United States there are now more than one point five million cases of the corona virus and some ninety five thousand have died Friday afternoon president trump declared from the White House that houses of worship will now be considered essential businesses as a covert nineteen pandemic continues after weeks of skirmishes in some states as people broke shut down rules to go to church he says he directed the centers of disease control and prevention to issue guidance for communities of faith today I am identifying houses of worship church your synagogue and mosques as a central places that provide essential services some governors have deemed a liquor stores at abortion clinics is essential but I've left out churches and other houses of worship so now right so I'm correcting this injustice in calling houses of worship is essential I call upon governor is to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now neither the president nor his press secretary explained how he has that power CBS is Steve Futterman reports that many people plan to spend their Memorial Day weekend at the beach rather than church many Americans are getting ready to let loose covert nineteen style break away from being indoors get some fresh air from here in California to Florida to New York lots of people want to go to the beach New York governor Andrew Cuomo there is such a demand in the New York City area to get to a beach there will be restrictions crowds will be limited here in southern California there will be no sunbathing still officials are concerned to be very difficult for them to maintain social distancing each hope people will follow the recommendations but tomorrow weekend is gonna be really crazy everyone wants to be at the beach you know mess around at the beach the fundament CBS news Los Angeles health experts remind people to continue social distancing and wearing masks while

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The pandemic there are some

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