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You need to be considered a bicycle but now gyms are close let's check here and see if they're out you know


California's community colleges are being warned to plan for sudden and sharp budget cuts California submits its budget on June fifteenth in the news will be grim for the entire state especially the community college system we all know what the data and I don't want to lose time so that don't lose students are let them fall behind trustees for the state's winter fifteen campuses got grim news in a budget update at one point five billion from community college budgets in just a matter of one year for now student grant programs will remain intact and there is hope that they can reach into state lottery money to help close some gaps Craig figure can extend seventy newsradio if you have a business you should be owning a bike shop right now the coronavirus crisis has resulted in a tremendous jump in the sale of bicycles here in southern California and all across the nation as people seek exercise and family unity during the pandemic at downtown LA bicycles on arriving but just he says everything he has a selling entry

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You need to be considered a bicycle but now gyms are close let's check here and see if they're out you know

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