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The train heating and cooling


The summer heat is finally arrived here in the tri state highs today will top out in the low eighties as we see a few isolated showers and storms during the afternoon and evening hours tonight will cool off into the sixties before skyrocketing back to the mid eighties for Sunday and with warmer temperatures expected a few more afternoon and evening storms are likely from a severe weather station I'm not and first warning meteorologist Austin Winfield news radio seven hundred WLW got some rain brewing in southeast Indiana right now the first sales area Indianapolis get now a lot of rain right now and there is some rain in northern Kentucky just to the

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The train heating and cooling

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Officer was not injured in this

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WLW sunny and seventy three right now

Rachel 1 d ago

As the sun was setting on the

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Work visit sheriff dot org slash

South Florida's First News with Jimmy Cefalo 3 d ago

In the tri state a chance of rain overnight low sixty five in the morning our Friday rain and storms

America's Truckin' Network 3 d ago

Heavy at times in the afternoon the highest seventy five at night gradual clearing and a load of fifty five

America's Truckin' Network 3 d ago

This afternoon at northbound

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It is seventy seven degrees right now

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Headed along seventy one north

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