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Sanitizing spaces in training


Cases in two hundred ninety deaths they're currently fewer than two hundred people who were hospitalized with symptoms of covert nineteen a lot of extra police patrols today in riverside's part of a crackdown aimed at reducing the number of crashes involving motorcycles the special enforcement operation runs from two this afternoon till nine tonight the targets will include both motorcycle riders sand vehicle drivers who behave in ways that could cause deadly accidents police expect to simply give warnings to most of the people they pull over but some lawbreakers will be given expensive tickets veterans and their families receive groceries and prepared meals at an event kicking off Memorial Day weekend in south LA one by one cars rolled through the parking lot of the American Legion Chappie James post on Slauson Avenue as volunteers loaded up their trunks it's a beautiful thing people helping people along with the food general Ruth Wong director of LA county military and Veterans Affairs was also handing out cards so that veterans can reach out to them to apply for benefits and services so they're getting a lot here today but most of all they're getting the feeling that we all care about them as host of the event LA county supervisor mark Ridley Thomas helped load up a few trucks too and he spoke to the need in light of the corona virus crisis the

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Sanitizing spaces in training

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