Michigan governor declares emergency after dams collapse


All right there's problems in Michigan tonight nothing to do with cold food nineteen or the governor's orders they've got better actually in an emergency declaration the Eatonville dam in Sanford dams that failed in Midland county thousands of residents had to immediately evacuate their homes this past day downtown Midland could be under nine feet of water bite later this morning according to the up straight up update this past evening following those two collapses yeah a flash flood emergency is in effect for the areas downstream which includes Midlands city and Friedland Michigan dot Midland county emergency management told people in Midland city L. located west of east main and south of U. S. tend to get out immediately this past afternoon yeah we have been talking about this slow moving storm the reins the rains which there's more to come yeah we have locally a number of issues here in southwest Ohio northern Kentucky southeast Indiana of the emergency alert alarm from going off on people's cell phones all morning long you know one flash flood warning after another was issued but Michigan has been getting doused with that same slow moving storm over several days triggering fear of imminent dam failure and flood warnings across the state now at least two rivers in mid Michigan the two double wasi Riverton in Midland and the rifle river near sterling I had major flood stage this past afternoon that's what said the dams past their

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