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And her fashion designer husband Mossimo geo newly have pleaded guilty


Two daughters a livia and Isabella into the university of southern California USC but the judge said yesterday at their video hearing that he will decide whether to accept our plea deals after considering a pre sentencing report sentencing was set for August twenty first but Lachlan is proposing two months in prison and her husband five months behind bars meanwhile prosecutors say a fifty fourth person has now been charging a nationwide investigation and will plead guilty to paying three hundred thousand dollars to get his son into George town university as a tennis record another economic victim of the pandemic here's ABC's chucks Iverson hurts one of the world's biggest car rental companies has filed for bankruptcy protection it's under a pile of debt has been hit hard by the corona virus pandemic which is grounded business travelers and tourists the New York times reports that a sharp drop in used car prices has also decreased the value of the hertz fleet and last month the company laid off ten thousand workers which is about a quarter of its total workforce sh it's ten thirty a let's check in now with Bloomberg here's an update in business news by the industry's count half of the gamblers that casinos are over the age of sixty five the age group is also among the hardest hit by the coronavirus and many of those older gamblers don't like those odds I think with the correct standards will improve over time

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And her fashion designer husband Mossimo geo newly have pleaded guilty

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