Chicago - Drying Out After Rain Floods Out Lower Wacker


Well if the fog is still out there this morning and we seen visibility actually dropping in some places this morning at midway airport down to a quarter of a mile and some light rain out there being reported in places as well that's gonna continue for much of the day today with a high near sixty four a cooler at the lake front then mostly cloudy tonight low down to fifty three tomorrow partly sunny high near sixty five the extended forecast calls for some sunshine coming back tomorrow Thursday into Friday and Saturday and maybe eighties for the beginning of the end of the weekend at the beginning of next week right now in Chicago we have mostly cloudy skies fifty four degrees some light rain you know heron fog fifty four at midway in Aurora it's fifty five and out the lake front it's fifty one and that's too bad on the roadways this time despite the fog and the rain lower Wacker still closed between Harrison and rand off because of all the rain from the last couple days that flooding in the sub basement of the Willis tower it's going to take awhile to clean up may be closed until Saturday the interchange in eighteen ninety four the Indiana toll is still closed until tonight with that continuing roadwork and in Glen Ellyn route fifty three between Butterfield and park still flooded along with the east on I. eighty exit ramp to Chicago and Chicago street between Patterson and Doris that's in the jelly at

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