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Top trump administration officials reportedly considered ending a decades long moratorium on nuclear testing the topic reportedly surfaced this past week at a meeting of senior officials from the top national security agencies The Washington Post reports they discussed conducting what would be the first U. S. nuclear tests since nineteen ninety two the trump administration asserts that China and Russia have each resumed low level testing something both countries deny it appears the meeting ended with the decision to take other measures instead the Barker CBS news those on the beach this weekend anywhere from Galveston Texas to Virginia beach might see the latest from the trump campaign CBS's Nicole stronger reports Mr trump has not held a campaign rally since March second but hinted at getting back to the trail soon the president said he's considering hosting future campaign events in a re opened arenas in big outdoor venues suggesting he might host his first rally in Georgia or Florida the president's team will fight keep flying keep America great aerial banners over beaches and half a dozen cities to try and reach voters out enjoying the long weekend

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