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Navigating The Supply Chain With Mary Cally


This episode of American fashioned podcast was recorded on March ninth twenty twenty and It was the first episode we recorded in the New Mouth Media Network studio at the edge of Madison Square Park Just down the street from where previous studio was on Both on West Twenty Fifth Street. Basically it was a strange feeling. We Now Long Hallway from the reception area to where the studio is back in the building and so we went up to to get married from reception and There were no receptionists there and what we pay for with the the building is. Is We pay for good reception. For PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE. And there was no receptionist and That just seem pretty strange. And the same time The grocery stores were starting to have panic. Buying going on. They were really full of people and Basically the the quarantine happened just a few hours after we recorded this and I'm not sure when we'll ever be back in that studio again. It's just a whole strange thing and This conversation that we had in this episode is about the supply chain and I think maybe now today weeks and weeks later as this covid nineteen has gone on. Maybe the answers would have been quite different because of how different the context is for how difficult it's been to get things into the country and how difficult it's been to get things out to customers. I think the supply chain and the logistics chain in question and people want to improve it in a way. They've never wanted to before. I mean in in a larger sense that people who run big fashion companies. They know it must be changed that they don't want to be caught in this position again. Which I think is a really good thing. Because it means there will be more transparency in the supply chain to the people who are making making the purchases. You're not going to be placing an order with a middleman. And not knowing where he's getting the goods or shape you're gonNA WANNA know you're GonNa know where the factory is what forms they're getting the textiles from that's important for big fashion companies now that It may even be important for insurance reasons. I mean there's a lot of cause and effect here so There's good information in this interview but I think If we had this conversation again it would turn out a little differently so within that context. this is a little piece of history.

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Navigating The Supply Chain With Mary Cally

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