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It's a long way until November we got


Timing matters a lot you're right we're six months away from election day time heals a lot of these types of rooms that are going to be a number of these types of issues that come up again I think the former vice president just passed away this the interesting thing is this week was actually a good week told yesterday's interview in terms of how he would appeal to African American voters if I'll call your attention to the high profile hiring cream John Pierre a former colleague of mine who I work with I'm in politics she's brilliant young Haitian American and political operatives who is going to be a senior adviser on the Biden campaign and so really along with just the embarrassment of yesterday that also over shined a really big moment for the campaign to demonstrate that they are doubling down on our commitment to bringing influential African Americans and that senior circle do you think this now limits anybody who is maybe non female of color for the V. P. pack to African American voters stand firm that they want somebody of color in that V. P. spot this

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It's a long way until November we got

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