1087 D&S Ramble on Again


Even before social distancing. They've been living in their MOM's basement. This discussion code rival the national parks episodes from two thousand seventeen, so I'll let you decide if they're poking fun at each other are actually going at each other I know which I think it is, but I'm not saying anything because I like my job. I have to tell you whoever is writing these showns I. Don't know if there may be overseas or maybe their local. They have a strong sense of our personality and style. So? Everybody's freaking out because there's no toilet paper left on. The shelves worn me one. The only thing left at the liquor stores Corona Beer. That's when I'll know. It's really gotten bad. Listen we both know. This corona virus is a shit show like a Yakov smirnoff opening for the spin doctors at the Iowa state. Fair Shit Show Life Nice guys on business podcast publishing five episodes a week. Shit, show wait. No nothing could be that bad. Three days a week. They're able to hold it together. This is not one of those days. Welcome to fuck ary with the Nice guys. Not, apply no interviews. Lots of ranting and they sometimes stumbled onto something useful. Now. It's time for a nice guys. Fuck Ary with the kings of fuck themselves Doug, Sandler and Strickland Bonner. Yes, so the reality of it was I was going to start on my own. See strictly came, and he was all busy. He added date and everything. Oh, my gosh, so I don't know just five Nice. Guy Community I have no idea. If you even know what happened last time we were recording, but we got so. So caught up in the debate over the master now mass that we stayed longer than strict date was was willing to wait, so she actually came into the room. We're resume. Inside. Oh, hey, how're you doing? Now is great. So how'd that go? How was that? She was cute. She was cute. She was she was a lot of fun. She's teacher I. It was fun. It was really nice. We're probably going to. Like an assume again we'll have another virtual date because it's all fucked. We can do right now. Question how how does zooms sex work exactly? Far Less you know when it happens. Does. It happened just on audio only does it happen on audio and video? I've got tons of questions about that Kinda Shit. I'm guessing there's like. Seats in chains and straps than I have no idea. Where do you put the harness? No idea. Hey welcome back. Welcome back my. Mr Do handler. Hey, what's going on? This has been A. This has been a busy week. There's actually I believe. If you go check the the voicemail thing. Jared actually left three three voicemails. I really. Done a lot of prep before you got your. fucking Bremerton this week. It's just crazy, so you've seemed to be busy. Are you busy at work, too? Because it seems like there was a couple of things busy for you. It's everything this entire week has felt nonstop. I mean it's all good stuff. I'm staying busy and Shit but. Yeah the day job we it's. It's all good. It's just busy day job and the US getting through getting our our training ultra podcasts on formula role in and dollars. What should? I know for you that are in our community. You have no idea what we are. You'd probably don't even know what we do for a living. Thirty you know when you just don't care. You? Just, don't care right. Oh my God so today today, being Thursday the recording day. What you know, of course we're well ahead of the curve when we need to actually get these where like so sure that we will be recording last week for this Friday's episode and speaking of which just just to address that specifically I forgot completely by. By the way you guys are all hearing this on Friday I texted Doug Hang on my phone. Thursday Thursday night I texted him. Eight Oath Three PM. Just remembered. We got a record. I forgot completely about it. I completely Nice Guy Community. You completely slipped my mind, but you know what it's okay because I'm feeling. The feeling is mutual. It's like. Would you care if an episode didn't come out? I don't know we've been doing this for what fuck five years five and a half years long damn time. Yes, we'd know better by this point you would think. Is Anybody Recording? Do you hit record i. Requested to send, it was interesting because I hit. Record and Zoom told me the last time. I hit record when I was doing a cloud recording. I'm sorry, but you are out of space. What taty run out of. Space on cloud recording. Why Zoom only give you like five gigabytes of storage space for all of the money that we spend with them every month. Yeah! Hey. Help a brother out. was. Wasn't his day. Helping brother.

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