Peter Smith - Coach of Steve Johnson & Sam Querrey


Hype Peter Welcome to the functional tennis podcast. Well, I mean you're the man when it comes to all this stuff Bobbio, so it's my pleasure to be on and. You know excited to chat with you and to be on the PODCAST I. Don't know fun demand. Tobin winning matches I'm not sure what what help I have help and play with matches. That's where you've carved your career, so I'm really excited to have you on an ever. Since was a Brett Mossy was on here. He was like you gotta get Peter on. You GotTa get Peter on, so it's taken probably thirty episodes all probably down to me because you said, get me on any time so I'm glad to finally have yawn like I, said it's a pleasure so. Hopefully I can I can say something that helps someone or that's worth listening to. I'm sure you can't so. Let's start first of all. Which Your College tennis success. How many years were you head? COACH USC I was a head coach at USC for seventeen years. I was the head coach in college. For thirty two years. I coached at long, beach state where I played Fresno State Pepper, nine and University of Southern California so all within California's sports. And so you know was was real honor to coach at all four of those universities. Was dateable stint up to be a fresno state when you were there. No, he was after he was after but I I know Dave. Yeah, I certainly I think. He played for Oh God man. Oh, A now, Fresno! No, he's at Fresno Fresno Yep. No He's black working for. Integrate call the lucky. Yeah, no, it's too lucky and you know I mean a little bit about me that you don't know is. My Dad was born and raised in Kevin County so I'm A. I'm very much Irish. Yeah, so That's an never been airland means crazy I was born in Rome mid late and I left her nose two weeks old, and I've never been back and I'm Irish are fifty percents I was there when I was very young. Know I've traveled the world, but I've never been to those two places. You probably meant to be at Rome with Steve. This year. And maybe still happen. We don't know so. We'll see what what the future holds. I really hope the tour can start up with Washington, and they can put this the correct safety protocols in place her, and really for the most part. Just get everyone back working because it's this huge industry. That supports lot of different people, and you know not only the players, but you know the TV crews in the tournament organizers and you know so many people involved in running the kind of tournaments they play. Definitely a lot of people are on the sidelines. Waiting for things to pick up with a wasn't a plan to touch on this subject in this interview which you would. What is your thoughts on term star embark on hold procedures that are in place, player team sizes, and what's happened in Croatia, wit Novak, and now the case in the states as well with Francis Ooh. What are your general thoughts on? I think you know this. A lot of sports are starting up I. Think it can be done if you put this correct safety procedures in place, you know I'm not gonNA comment on. On what happened, you know over in in Europe but I know Atlanta. They put a lot of safety precautions in place, but you know still. They learned a lot. We learned a lot from you know what happened in. Serbia and I think they've learned even more with Atlanta. I think the mistake they made in Atlanta was. They tested all the guys? Guys, but they didn't test them the day before so obviously. Francis did not get covid from the tournament because it happened on the first day, It just doesn't happen that quickly, so he had been tested i. think a week before, and so you know they just need to test I. Don't know if it's daily, but they should definitely test everyone. When they arrived to the tournament and but other than that. You Walk Away I. Mean I think it's A. It's actually a great lesson that someone had code and we'll see, but it appears. At this point, and maybe it's too early. Say that no one else got it also so. If no one else gets covid I think that's a victory that they had some in there that had it and it didn't spread. So again, it's probably too early to save for sure, but I know. Stephen Sam have been tested repeatedly since that day last Friday and again it's too early to say for sure, but so far they've they've tested negative, and so has everybody all the participants

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