Sharon & Lillian Pope Cold Case Murders

Poisonous Minds


Of twelve children born to Maryland Donald Pope. It was said by sources that the parents were very abusive in most of the children were either put into foster care or taken by family members. Some siblings have limited memory. If at all of one another, so they were too young to remember some of their names. By December nineteen seventy-three. Sharon was years old, married and had two sons. However. She was at that time estranged from her husband and had three percent custody of her two sons. Sharon was also six months pregnant with their third child. But Sharon lived in nearby Gary Indiana with relatives. She worked at Calvin drive-in on dunes highway in Miller at the time. Her sister. Lillian pope was eighteen years old and lived in Portage Indiana. She worked for the twelve twenty bowl just down the street from her sister Sharon's work. Lowly in Pope. was also about eight to nine months pregnant. She was definitely considered full-term. With her first child. By all accounts from friends and workers at the time, the two women had a very active social life. Many who knew the sisters said that they were also best friends and would hang out often. One Cold December night. Lillian met her older sister Sharon at Kelvin's drive-in, waiting for her to get off of work so that the two could go to twelve twenty bowl where Lillian had work to go have some fun. The to relaxing arm-in-arm Walking Down Dunes Highway Towards Twenty Bowl, which was wall within walking distance. There are no further accounts that the pair ever arrived to their destination. undescended thirteenth nineteen seventy-three. A city worker was doing his checks of the sewer lift station on Clay Street. The area was known to be. Widely used for a dumping sites. He was on the northwest edge of the field, which is pretty dense with forest and land. While the city worker was doing his checks, and he saw the two lifeless bodies of the sisters. Both women were found laying side-by-side on the gravel, fully clothed in their red hooded jackets, blue jeans and black boots. Sharon was in a fetal position, while Lillian was laid face down in the gravel stretched out. Sharon had been so badly beaten in the face in the head. That the police said she would not have been recognizable. In that is even what killed this poor twenty year old mother. Her causes death was a single gunshot to the back of the head. Williams case.

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