The Ultimate Checklist For Selling High Ticket Products and Services

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Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them to a special offer. Just remarking school listeners, all you have to do is go to dream host dot com slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. To another episode of Martigues School. And I'm Neil Patel and today. We're GONNA. Talk about the ultimate checklist for selling high ticket products and services so when it comes to selling high ticket, products and services. Here's one keeping. You cannot expect to just put it on your website and people are just going to buy right. There did believe it's five dollars or more events for vendors. You've got to be expecting to on the phone without getting on the phone. These people I. If. It's a higher to offer is going to be better and the reason. I also better is because if you can charge more money than need, you can actually afford to spend more on ads of those that can afford to spend more on. Ads are going to do better in Lawrence so you WanNa. Give yourself as much margin for error, so I would say. Say She can have your price higher. You get more flexibility. You get more budget for making mistakes and at least for someone like me. I got March. You also need someone doing sales. If you don't do sales in your son, high ticket items, you'll notice that you won't make as much money versus when you had someone. Doing sales is a huge difference. And then the other thing, too is depending on what you're selling, but I'll as what works all the time without fail retarded people so people here your website especially if they hit lessee, renate. Sherman services or sectors that you serve people age and your retirement, a small segment of the People Lese you have one hundred head that page in a week as a lot of people on facebook, for example, you can target daily unique reach is just like what I ask for a week or so each week, and your impressions conflicts showing up. You want to be showing up and then when the timing is right. People visited that page before you can retarget them come. And again call you and then the other thing you want to make sure. Is You have a Webinar a fine tune? One GO CHECK OUT SAM events. He has a really good webinar. That will give you idea of how to structure one Russell Brunson also has a perfect webinars formula. You can learn more about that on youtube as well, but a webinar allows people to get more comfortable with you handles a lot of the objections and increases your conversion rates as. As, well, you can also use ever Webinar or webinars jammed also host your utvs. Yeah, and the other thing is about building a ascension funnel, so Allen recommend reading about dotcom secrets by runs, said defoe idea is, you might try people into your email. I might drive people to get a free book. Free plus shipping offer in an s alternate might throw might be higher. It might be fifty dollars two hundred dollars you all the way out to a mastermind. You don't even make it that complex, but to be able to ascend people to point where the radio by because only a very small segment of people on your list are going to be ready to take your highest offer the other ones the end up there, so you're gonNA help them out to the highest share. Yeah, the other thing that you'll want to end up. Doing is making sure your price points are above a thousand dollars. The moment it's below a thousand dollars. It makes it really hard to make your ads profitable, and what you'll find is even if you have two thousand and three, thousand five thousand. Thousand Dollar Price Point. It's not just as easy as increasing president. Get more sales also have to figure out what can you offer? That seems like it's worth ten thousand dollars, or really is where ten thousand dollars in your giving it a really good deal like a thousand or two thousand dollars. Yeah, and after you collect leads. Let's say you're driving people right? You have an email. Don't forget to conju marketing and when I say that I don't need that. What I mean is constantly ratio them telling stories, so I like writings, Ville emails I might talk about how my day. What area nearby offered to sales? Or another example might be every quarter solids up into my real estate beautiful house. Maybe you're not ready to buy a house media, but he likes all in my content so every quarter so I might reach out. Say Hey, Neil, are you still interested in buying a house? So this is a nine email that was created by are going by. The Jackson is a great copywriter. He actually being the real estate space, so don't forget your mls. Is your asset so continue to think about how you can utilize it? It yeah, and then the other thing from my end is make sure you try to figure out how you can. Adding countdown timers, and really have your expire were combined after a certain time. It's a great way to generate way marseils yeah, the other thing I'll add to is if you have people applying for phone call I liked any a survey next step at based on the questions of the answer might say I don't have the financial services to for this one neck as I might drive to another final say. Financial Services here's up payment option for you a lot of

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