#EERS S9 Ep111: Giving Up on the Virus - burst 28


I mean you've got. The president is behind Joe Biden and a host of states and I'm talking pulling averages. I don't really trust the newer time CNN poll that's come out of state, but nationally when you take the polling averages to pull an average was very good Your the polls show Hillary Clinton would win, but that was the electoral college they were within three percent of each other Donald Trump's polling in two thousand sixteen was between forty and forty four percent. Hillary Clinton's bullying was between forty, two and forty, six or forty, two and forty eight percent. Joe Biden is fifteen points ahead. Incredible Poles, but that's today again. Don't freak out about it today. If the election were held today, see I don't know that this really helps. Donald trump per se I, think that if the trump campaign can't get firing on all cylinders, the President I mean for example What's his name? Jaw John Thune from one of the DAKOTAS South Dakota. John Thune is out saying you know the president still running a campaign for the Republican nomination, he needs to run a general election campaign and he's right. The president is trying to rally Republicans. He's not traveling to rally independent voters, and he needs to be focused on independent voters right now. He needs to be focused on expanding the Republican base right now, and he's not. Not and that's a strategic problem with the trump campaign. They need a campaign shakeup Brad partial needs to go. They need to bring in New People they brought in Jason Miller to start being a presidential campaign. Whisper to the president which is Great. Jason Miller is awesome and he will help the President I. Think Focus on the general election. They got to do something. But I I think whoever wins in November regardless of where the police went up November. Whoever wins is going to see a huge backlash against them in two thousand twenty two. That's why I think if Joe. Biden wins in November is going to be bad for Republicans nationwide. We're GONNA see big losses in Georgia and elsewhere and the Democrats if they take control of state, legislatures will be able to redraw the congressional districts to benefit the Democrats. But

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