From Android Q to new Pixels: Our Google I/O preview (The 3:59, Ep. 556)

The 3:59


The. Fifty nine Roger Chan, I'm Ben FOX Rueben Google kicks off in less than two hours. We're expecting some big updates to Android Google system. And maybe even that creepy. Duplex assistant can I last year I came? And then of course, there are the rumors of more forcible pixel three. What are you most looking forward to? I think the pixel sounds really interesting. I think that's also been like very heavily leaked. So we are definitely expecting that. I would love to see what the price point is on that. Like, let's say it's something like five hundred dollars or something like that. That would be pretty notable that would be kind of cool. Yeah. Sort of goes back to Google's routes as the maker or the partner of for nexus phones. Right. Those were known for being affordable premium flagship phones, they kind of got away with that largely focused on premium phones are far more expensive closer line with the tan or Samsung phones, they clearly felt a lot pressures. So I'm also looking for those three so three the. The other element that I think is interesting is the the Android Q is expected to show off support for foldable phones. Yes. That would have been great. But I feel like after what happened with the Samsung galaxy fold the probably gonna underplay that element. I I don't really see them leading into ill. Jeff will be one of many elements. I think they'll talk about with Andrew accu-. Do you have a guess for way in Q stands for? Quaker oatmeal cookies. Okay. Sure. That was a terrible terrible. Sorry as say quiche each. Yeah. Issues in a snack. Think they're sweet quiches right snacky shore. I don't know. All right. So Amazon goes sores are started the freight. I'll be at very very slowly we finally got one of New York. Check it out what tell me about. Why should we care about this Zongo store? Okay. So this one just opened today at Brookefield place. It's an upscale mall near the World Trade Center, the big difference here because this is the twelfth Amazon go store, so what's actually different here is that this is the first Amazon go store to accept cash so Amazon go was literally created to get rid of cash. Cashiers lines all that other stuff? So you could literally walk in and walk out in a couple of seconds. There's been a lot of blowback to the concept of going cashless because it's really considered to be exclusionary to certain people that either don't have a credit card or don't have a phone. So this is Amazon's effort to respond to that. So what was it like being in that store? Toward like was there. Someone who took the Catholic. How did that work? So they walked me through a demo because they knew people were going to ask about this since this is the first store that did this. And essentially what you do is you get to agreed are and greeter lets you in and then you walk around get everything that you need to get. And then you go to a little counter and somebody will. Basically scan in all your stuff and give you a paper recede in. It's not exactly as tacky as you. Go stores, just like any other store. Yes. Yes. But you don't have to have special app, and you can just pay with cash if you went to so from from that regard. Yeah. That's that's it is now more inclusive. Does feel like it defeats the whole purpose of that Amazon. Go store, though, doesn't it? Yes. Okay. No kidding sloughs clear about that. Lastly, let's talk about five G. There's an earth survey out the US consumers are willing to pay a premium for next generation so will service the warriors see with charted ten dollars extra for their five g service at like, ten dollars extra per phone her month charging. Yeah. Per phone per month. Yeah. So if you're on a family plan with five phones, your chart your spirit of no-one's oughta family plan with five G right now. Critical. I'll say this right now. I don't think the premiums award to even people are willing to pay more. They should coverage. Not there yet. I think both that works are actually built out actually worth it. But for now, it's yeah. Novelty. I have a controversial statement to make here, which is shouldn't have to pay a premium at all is in this just like the next iteration just make it faster and keep charging us these exorbitant fees that you've been charged per year. Like, why do I have to pay even more your point? I don't think they charge a premium for G jail T. Yeah. So there you go. All right for more than six. I'll see that. Roger Chan I'm Ben FOX. Thanks listening.

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