President And Trump And Trump discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson


And so if you take away the fake allegation of collusion, you have none of his erotic angry behavior, which is now being categorized as obstruction. It's like chicken in the ache. You know, there is no chicken. I the mullahs report is if you imagine that as the as the overarching thing there's no obstruction without the allegation of fake illusion which turned out to be fake. So I thought sympathy for Trump on this. I think he he was full sleep accused of colluding with the Russians, and it was they were saying de legitimized his election win, and he took it very badly. I think all the behavior that now saying was obstructed Justice came out of him feeling pissed off quite rightly the cable news was twenty four seven pounding him for collusion, which in the end was proven not to have happened. So I've got sympathy for him on it. But you know, they're out to get it. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not sure it's a clever. You wanna watch him burn on? I think it's a it's a mistake by the Democrats in particular because I think he will help Trump reelected food. I'm telling people myself Pierce. I'm like man, he's gonna get re-elected to count. You can't keep hammering guy like him without people who support him feeling even more strongly. They want us Abro so that she didn't policies base. And I think the Democrats don't have a candidate yet that can beat it of Bavarian state who they put up against him because you need someone's going to be very tough. Another see you that person is is it would be like putting someone up to fight Mike and his prime. Right. Who's that bus? Everyone thought it was some Michael Spinks. He you know, he collapsed in front of you. So who is this person that can beat Trump? So very well screaming about him saying what a monster is at some stage in twenty twenty and he's coming up fast coming up real bad, eighteen months, right? Real. Fast and Trump is raising close. No one even close yet. Hey, let's look at Trump when he's young when we did Pepsi commercials or the Trump and Pepsi commercial going back. This is when he was a young guy. The amendment when he was young peer ado. I'll do he was very, you know, he was a therapist and character Trump before thirty forty years. He's been in Manila's news is a big figure. It's a lucky suddenly came along. Everyone knew who Trump was has ever imagined. He can become president. But I thought he could I the moment he said he was running told people you want about it. Yeah. The young show. Nothing. Before the fight by for your fight. Yeah. It was treated a lot of commercials, and we had a bomb back. Then dude, it's fucking cool. Did you speak to him after he won? Have you seen him since? No, no, no. I think we will talk about this week thing,

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