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ECB announces more stimulus and less growth


Now, starting with an ECB preview central banks takes takes center stage, this morning that descends upon Vilnius Lithuania for his rate decision today's Caroline, just said Bloomberg's peo- skill. Most ski has the preview. The expected to offer generous terms on loans to banks when policymakers. And now they're this after the meeting in Vilnius prison. Mario drug Ethan, like escape questions about slowing inflation and the impact that is going to think pensions could have on the year area Konami with any cutting rate and opening the possibility to follow suit. The could find himself under pressure to deliver more stimulus down the line in Frankfurt gives cutting Muskie, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. So let's just say well Cranfield for my markets. Live team joins us central banks as we say taking center stage, the decision. Will it bring an end to the valley? Very good question. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know about it. Probably depends how the equity market in your decision today. What people are expecting as was mentioned. There is size stimulus of mareo druggy coming towards the end of his term. So he might not get many more chances to help out in terms of supporting European economies, which have been underperforming. So it's expected to offer some fresh long-term loans at decent rates for people that may help to stimulate things, but really the equity market reaction that would probably determine where we go. So if you're a paean stocks take it. Well, I live, so they can get a bit attraction than probably the, the rally we've seen in European bonds will probably take hold. But if the equity market is a bit more. So fit shrugs the decision than the ready will probably continue. So really how other asset classes perform moti Termine, but certainly, a lot of jitters around because also the Europeans are watching. What's going on, of course, in America, as well and trade talks on various fronts. So there's quite a few moving parts of the moment, right in as the Italians kind of puff up their chests, and, you know, double dare the EU to really do something about budgets. It's, it's really a fascinating game

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