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Let me catch up on the British election understand that the special relationship matters to us a lot Great Britain has nuclear power. They have gone to war with us everywhere we've ever gone to war, South Korea. Vietnam. Afghanistan iraq. The Brits have been there, right with their nuclear power. They're rebuilding aircraft cares to jump jets. They're buying new thirty five. See, I believe they are important. We want them to leave the European Union. I do. I believe they could be. They could regain their past glory. As a trading company has it trading country opened a deal that everyone unburdened by the bureaucracy out of the European Union? And they put the question to the people three years ago. David Cameron won a majority government on the promise to have a referendum on whether or not to stay in the European Union and the people of Great Britain, voted, very healthy margin four or five percent four percent fifty to forty eight leave leave everyone in the country knew it was being talked about, like the vote for two thousand sixteen Hillary or Trump Trump won the constitutional majority. He didn't win the popular vote. I know that he won the constitutional majority of the way we've elected president since the framing of the constitution, and so Great Britain matters a lot to us. They've had great prime ministers, like Mattie Thatcher. They've had terrible. Prime Minister Gordon Brown. They've had good prime ministers. Tony blair. They've had week prime ministers. Theresa May have had funny prime ministers like the MAC. Mcmillan. They've had Wilson that all sorts of he was terrible. We need a good one right now. Theresa May has been terrible and feckless and they're not out of the peon union yet. So number of conservatives the way that it works over there as prime minister resigns as Theresa May has as the leader of her party. She remains the caretaker, prime minister and the party election, a leader who will in turn be elected that prime minister by the members of parliament. Well, how does a party with one hundred forty thousand card carrying members? I mean, these are the people really work the hustings these central committee people. These are the people who are delegates, you know, the equivalent to delegates at the Republican national convention, the democratic national convention. They are the party. How do those one hundred and forty thousand people pick a party leader interns, becomes the prime minister, will they vote? But there are a dozen. It's like the democratic primary, there it doesn't a fifteen different members of the Tory party who want to be prime minister, and they've all put out their hands. And they've said they wanted to be and they divide into two. Categories beginning, those who were leaving when Brexit was on the ballot and those who were for remaining when breakfast Brexit was on the ballot three years ago. Theresa May was a remainder. Never made a liquor sense to me that she should be the prime minister after David Cameron resigned and he resigned because he said, I was the remainder. I don't think I can leave a government that is committed to leaving and so pick a new prime minister and they did they pick threes. I mean, she she persuaded her colleagues that she ought to be it. She made Boris Johnson or foreign secretary Boris Johnson led the leave campaign with one principal deputy guiding Michael gov. Who doesn't look the part, but he's very smart also believed to be very slippery. So Boris Johnson police to be very Radic and a lot of fun. And former mayor of London, and a powerful personality says, I'm going to become the next prime minister, I'm going to stand, Michael g-o-v, who wants supported Boris Johnson for prime minister then stabbed him in the back fairly famous move and British parliament parliamentary politics and went over to Theresa May wants to be prime minister, one, other major lever wants to be prime minister Dominic Robb, so there are two lever three levers running Boris. G-o-v and Ron. Two of those three say come October thirty one we are leaving deal or no deal. Michael go says we can't leave without a deal. Michael go minute over the weekend based upon reports of a biography about the come out about him. He was something of a cocaine guy back in the day when he was a journalist. I don't know many journalists back in the day, who worked cocaine guys. But then again, I wasn't around London much. I'd have to ask Mark Stein about that. So Mike go by the way, we don't allow admitted cocaine users enter the United States. So it's gonna be tough to become the prime minister if you're we bought Brits before who, don't who had cocaine problems from coming in the United States. We don't want cocaine in the United States. And so he says he's reformed in a lot of time. We'll see how that plays out, but he's daddy that one's done. So from the leave side, there are Dominic Robb, and Boris Johnson. Over on the leave with a deal side, these are the remains who got religion. They stayed in the government. They didn't quit like David Cameron. They didn't fail like Theresa May. They say they can deliver deal to get us out. They want to lead the conservatives into the next election. They want to be the prime minister. There are a lot of the number one is a guy named Jeremy hunt. If you sent out the central casting, and you asked, please send us your very best central casting candidate for prime minister of Great Britain. They would send you back Jeremy hunt. I mean had in the pocket the whole prince of Wales handsome. He's smart. He's articulate president, like him and Boris Joe Boris. Johnson nickname is the rambling wreck from Georgia Tech goodness, the guy hasn't been to Barbara who's competent and a hundred years. And that's part of his charm. It's just kind of disheveled. Birdie Worcester character. And if you don't birdie Worcester is I can't tell you character from fiction. PG Wodehouse anyway. So Joe is going to what the way you get. The two is that all the members of parliament who are conservatives. And I think parliament's three hundred and thirty that got just under half. So what's that add up to one hundred? Seventy one hundred sixty different people hundred sixty members of parliament vote in a series of rounds. They call them crowns and the rounds are where. You've got to get at least fifteen percent of the hundred sixty which would be nine or ten for around one or you don't get to go around to, and then got ten people. They vote again, with one hundred sixty people and the one with the least votes drops off. And so you can give your buddy of I could be nominated for prime minister. So I would encourage if you're listening in Great Britain, I'd like to be on one of those ballots. Throw one my way, members of Parliament, I, I can't serve if nominated I cannot run if elected I cannot serve because I'm a proud American but, you know be fun at any of it. They get down to nine then, again, they get down to eight they get down to seven. They get down to six five four three two and then some people drop out, eventually, they get to, to get to a finalist and a semi-finalist to people, the person with the most votes parliament and the second most votes doesn't matter what order they in. That's the ballot that goes to the hundred and forty thousand. Electors. Hundred and forty thousand members of parliament. So if you get seventy thousand and one year the next prime minister Boris Johnson is heavily favored. I mean I should look up Ladbrokes. There's a. Betting house right in Ladbrokes online betting you can't use it till legal in the United States. But Ladbrokes always has a, a political thing broke prime minister. Let's see where the odds are this morning. I think for Johnson is the prohibitive favorite. But, but you never know until you actually find Ladbrokes in prime minister because they are constantly changing, and there's a big they call them big beasts. Big players. Michael Hesseltine, John Major people have been former prime minister and defence ministers and stuff like that. Right now. Boris Johnson is a five to four favorite. To become the next Tory leader. And that's prime minister Dominic Robb is a four to one favorite. Andrea lead sin is a ten to one favorite Andrea led. Some though, who's a lever remaining, excuse me. She's a remainder. Andrea, led some picks up no. No support this morning. Michael go visit tend to one. Jeremy hunt is at twelve to one and Peggy more. Dan, is it twenty to one saw Javi is at twenty two one. Those are really the only potentials when Jeremy hunt picked up, amber Rudd today, who was herself a sixty six to one player he'll go up. I think when they published the next odds, it'll be Johnson. Rob led some and hunt and it may be Johnson hunt, because the people don't really wanna leave. The people who are really remains at heart who think this is stupid, and I don't think it's stupid. I'm for them people vote. You got to do it people vote, they're all going to rally around someone. The idea is to the final round Dominic Robb just wants to get to the final round because he thinks. That the remains will prefer him to Boris and the contest is underway, and it's going to be wrapped up by July the contest is underway, and the vetting is the market is open, go back. And, you know if you're if it's legal, if you're in Great Britain, you can go bet. But I, I gotta tell you, I do not believe it makes sense to put a nother remainder in his and I'm very impressed with Jeremy hot. So is the president. I just don't think it makes a lick of sense to nominate someone for job when they were opposed to Brexit. I really really don't the timetable, by the way. For the election. I was looking at the guardian new rule one hundred sixty thousand conservative members and they will they will be casting their ballots, the week beginning July twenty second. So we are a good eight weeks away. And I'll bring you up dates on this. But you can get familiar with the names Boris Johnson Jeremy hunt. Dominic Robb Andrea led. Some, those are the ones you need to know. Michael go with the cocaine problem

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