Without Kevin Durant, Game 4 is must-win for Warriors


Talking NBA finals with Chris, Mannix Klay Thompson who missed game three will play game four Kevin Durant whom this the last eight games will not play game. Four Steve Kerr said there's a good chance Katie playing game five or six Klay Thompson spoke about what it would mean if miss the finals entirely. Well, it suck if Kevin can't come back. I mean, I still think we'd have a good chance to win the finals. But obviously. That takes a huge hit. Think it would make us to cut favor anymore without him, you know teams very good. We just love the candor of the Golden State Warriors, like as a team like Klay, whatever. But dream on Jay handed. Steph is usually pretty Cantu. I love that team like is this. Well Kerr's as well, who is the favourite in this series of Katie doesn't return? Oh, it's oh I mean, I still again, we can have different conversation on Monday. If Klay Thompson comes back and looks exactly like the Klay Thompson, we saw before the injury. But if he is significantly slowed it's impossible to look at this series and say Toronto isn't the favorite now we discussed this yesterday. I disagree with Jeff Van Gundy said when he said that this war is team wasn't a playoff team, but it certainly isn't a final team, and it's probably not a team that gets out of the Western Conference as currently constituted so without Kevin Durant. And with a hobble Klay Thompson, Toronto is, is a clear favourite in my eyes. Tonight. What's important is where is clay and not only wears he during the game.

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