NFL Power Rankings: Projected wins and playoff chances for top 6 picks


So ESPN dot com today. They put out the twenty nineteen NFL power rankings. They project the wind totals and the playoff chances for each team in the NFL. They used ESPN's football power index. It's the FBI you see it all the time on sportscenter during the NFL and college football season F B I. So they go through and they project the amount of wins. And then they say the purchase the chances of percentage that you make the playoffs. Who do you think is the number one team in the national? Football league for projected wins and their chances to make the playoffs for this season. Well, Chris I'm not gonna lie the audience. I'm looking right at it. And it is the Kansas City Chiefs, you could just play along. They don't know looking at I don't act like you're smart truthful with our listeners Kansas City Chiefs, number one. I don't do bits FBI projects their win total the ten point three which I believe is under their win. Total in Vegas. I believe their windows at ten and a half. So they win ten point three games. That means you go under. Yeah. I mean, it's pretty close. So it's dead. It's dead on. It's kind of a you just say they win ten games. I would think but yeah, I think that they and the chiefs chances to make the playoffs at eighty percent per ESPN dot com. FBI who's number two number two the New Orleans Saints and the saints are projected to win ten point ten games. Seventy six point nine percent chance to make the playoffs. According to. FBI number three on the list. The Los Angeles Rams at ten point one wins tied with the saints. And they are for chances to make the playoffs. Seventy six point four for the Los Angeles Rams number four seed, they're not just going by the projected win total because number four they have the New England Patriots. And they have actually the highest projected win total at ten and a half they do. But who's number four in their power rankings? The New England Patriots. Go five. That's what I'm saying. They're not making them by. Wins giving them the powerful power. I index they're saying these are how are rankings are because the doing the patriots. They have rate fourth. But by the football power index. They have the highest amount of wins in Vegas, though. The the patriots are set at eleven wins because everybody's betting that over who's number five. That would be the Indianapolis Colts the young upstart Indianapolis Colts whose whose quarterback who's this young new quarterback. I had everything was like hold up. We we haven't gotten to the Chicago Bears. We're talking colts. Okay. So F FBI is saying nine point two wins for the colts. Yeah. Fifty seven point nine percent chance to make the playoffs. Indeed. And coming in at number six. This is your bears fans not the Chicago Bears. But they have less projected wins than the Chicago Bears. They have a lower chance to make the playoffs. Then the Chicago Bears, and those would be the hoity toity, Los Angeles chargers and with their west coast, avocado toast, what I don't know. Point eight wins. Forty nine point seven percent chance to make the playoffs. So they have in the power rankings. Chargers ahead of the Chicago Bears because the bears are seventh. Yes. Projected by FBI the projected win total and be nine point one which would be under the nine and a half and the chance to make the playoffs at fifty five point six percent. Yes. And they have listed where the team improved. It says obviously Jeff Dickerson wrote this bears reporter for ESPN dot com. He wrote running back, obviously, they improved at running back by signing. Mike Davis grafting, David Montgomery, more touches for Trico and get him more involved in the offense getting rid of Jordan Howard trading him to the eagles. He says that the most of the TV improved the most at the running back position. They basically revamped that entire running back room by getting rid of a lot of guys. I think take one as L. My also be a camp casualty? We'll see how their other running

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