Family sent back to DR Congo after two die of Ebola in Uganda


A second patient has died of Ebola in Uganda as the health ministry seeks to contain the spread of the virus from across the border with Democratic Republic of Congo. A five year old boy and his grandmother, infected in Congo's Ebola zone had crossed into Uganda with family members. NPR's ofeibea, Quist arcton reports the World Health Organization is calling an emergency meeting Friday in response. A fifty year old grandmother has become the second Ebola victim in Uganda. A five year old grandson die Tuesday, off to the family traveled from eastern Congo, Uganda after reportedly attending the funeral of a relative who died of Ebola. Uganda has remained on high alert for any more cases from neighboring Congo wet almost fifteen hundred people have died since the start of the Ebola outbreak last, August in a bid to contain and control the spread of the virus, the Ugandan authorities have banned public gatherings and market days in the border area with Congo screening has begun at all crossbows. And epelde entry points from Friday and officiant, experimental vaccine will be given to fest responders and anyone believed to have been in contact with baller.

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