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That we're in a a type of simulation in video game. Now, you know, some people get upset when I say we're in a video game. Like, I'm not living in Mario brothers. What are you talking about? Just different clothes. Exactly. But you know, the simulation. We're talking about here is obviously, you know, way more complex than the video games of today that we can create thus far just like today's world of warcraft and today's fort night games are way more complex and over magnitude than pacman or space invaders from when I was a kid and the games that I used to play, you know, back in the day. But, but I do think with with you know, it's interesting about the time slip. There was an an experiment reason. Leeann MIT technology review did a article about this and the other came out after I had written the book, but they had a quantum physicists were confirming that you could have a series of six entangled particles, and it was based on an old physicist name Wegener his idea that if Wigmore and witness friend, we're both looking at these from different places, they see different things, and they were able to confirm a situation where they both saw different entanglement on these parts. Which meant that. Basically. There was no objective reality that each person was seeing something that was slightly different. And with extraordinary story, but go ahead. Yeah. And so, but what it means is to certain extent just like in a video game. If you and I are playing second

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