Migrant child dies in US custody; 4th since December


Another migrant child has died of illness, and a US hospital after crossing the southwest border near Al Paso, as NPR's John Burnett reports. This is the fourth Guatemalan child, who has died since December admitted historic influx of migrants, coming to the US from Central America. The mother informed federal agents that are two year old was sick after they were apprehended on the north Bank of the Rio Grande in central El Paso, according to customs and border protection. The toddler was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia, then transferred to a children's hospital where his condition steadily deteriorated over five weeks said, the Guatemalan consul in del Rio Texas, the border patrol says it released the mother and son from custody when the child was admitted to the hospital, the deaths of migrant children have prompted could. National hearings and caused immigration authorities to increase medical checks of minors. They take into custody along the southwest border

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