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Away. Great news. There's a quick way. You can save money. Switch to Geico. Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price. And it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. Kelly. Rube is not the first person we've ever interviewed on this show who earned a master's degree but decided to train horses. Instead, she is however, the only one who gave up an academic career to hunt foxes now, she has a formidable Preakness contender always mining. We'll talk with Kelly rudely. Plus, it's time for a refresher on how stewards interpret the whole d Q rule. I'm guessing, you know, why? And we're going to do something. We've never done before on this show. We're going to go through some Twitter chatter. That's spewed out after the you know what? And what it means for the sport going forward? Stay in your lane or you'll be disqualified from listening to this show. The about to be IRAs. Off. This is in the gate ESPN's. Thoroughbred racing podcast. My name is Barry Abrams. You can follow me on Twitter at be Abrams boys or on Facebook at Barry Abrams, boys. You can also get us on our YouTube channel by searching in the gate podcast. You can get us on soundcloud as well yet us at the. I tuned store or tune in dot com. You can get us on that little pink pod catcher app on your phone. You didn't even know you had. And now you can subscribe to win the gate in the listen tab of the ESPN app for the full in the gate experience of scribe now in the listen tab of the ESPN app. Welcome back your dreams where your ticket out. Those were the opening lines of the legendary nineteen seventies TV show. Welcome back kotter where the main character played by Gabe Kaplan returns to his New York City high school to become a teacher. Our next guest has done the reverse Kelley rube. We grew up loving horses and upstate New York grew up to become a middle school science teacher and then left. That stable career to return to the stables on TV, Mr. Qatar dealt with a group of teenage guys who seemed comically incapable of maturing into adults Kelly rudely now a thoroughbred trainer has an equine version of a teenager as three year olds in the spring, basically are, but this guy has done some growing up in the last few months, always mining. We'll have to make a three wide bid and he's willing to do. It always finding up to try for gold as Zinni off the scene now in position less than three alongs to go and always mining now in front from try for goal turning for home in Federica Teissier sakes, all ways mining set down and opens up a four length lead on try for goal always mining with a six now a seven Lang lead always mining robbing home past the Laura line and headed to the Preakness always mining comes into the Preakness on a six race winning streak albeit in races. Quite as rigorous as those on the Kentucky, Derby trail, none the less. The three year old gelding is answered the rhetorical question about dreams that you hear on welcome back kotter who'd have thought they lead you back here where we need you and buy back here. We mean to Maryland where Kelly ruble is based at fair hill with a chance to claim one of the American spring classics, and we welcome trainer Kelly ruby here too in the gate. This horse has made twelve starts already maximum security. Maybe you've heard of him has made five including that whole Kentucky Derby thing. The last nine of always mining starts have come in laurel in the last six of those have been wins, all enlisted or overnight stakes. What's been your philosophy on how to bring them along? He he was purchased by my current owners after his maiden win. So he's only been with me since he ran on the grass in Maryland last summer. So, you know, we've kind of just strategically followed the past the Maryland route tickets where we're at today. What mood the light bulb turn on forum last October when this winning streak started? I wish I could answer that. He's always been a very nice horse. I mean anyone is made nicely. I think the goal was always to stretch out. And they were very limited races for two year olds when we ran them on the grass. So after that we also have to just sit tight and wait till they had a route race for us. And obviously he relished the mile you grew up in central New York, which is not exactly horse country. I know I went to Syracuse. What made you even want to get involved with horses up in that perpetual league gray bleak part of the world. I don't know. I guess it was ever since I could walk or talk I'll ever wanted to do with the around horses. So it was just naturally in me. But yes, it was a little limited. I started writing at a quarter horse barn actually started competing on the quarter horse survey doing jumpers and hunters and from there, but an event horse and started shipping down to the Maryland, Pennsylvania area. And that's kind of how I ended up in the air. Area fair hill. But listen to your parents, you earn two master's degrees. Two masters degrees. It became a middle school science teacher. Now, first of all, they're possibly be a more draining job in the world. And being a middle school teacher. I actually really enjoyed that age the students are you know, there's just starting to develop themselves much like a young horse. So I thought they were a lot of fun. But yes, it's exhausting, and it wasn't necessarily something. I could see myself doing in the future. Which is why I went back and got my second masters for administration inside that for three years. And then decided you know, what horses are meant to be. We what happens you were wearing a suit as an administrator and everything and did you just have an piffle. Or was it a gradual thing it was gradual? You know, even when I was teaching. I went into the administration because the fact that I'd already voted so much of my time, and my education towards the education were also what could I do move up the ladder in that respect? So I tried the administrative row and decided that it was just for me it allowed more flexible hours than my current job. But it just wasn't something. I had a passion for jelly rudely. Rainer of Preakness contender always mining. Joining us here on the gate now before you get to fair hill, which you mentioned you leave teaching school for FOX hunting in Pennsylvania. Is that a thing that was just a job to kind of regroup and see what I was going to do with my life. But yes, I was managing harm, and we accented I we didn't really have an opportunity in where I grew up. I never FOX hunted in my life. So it was a unique experience in something that I greatly enjoy. But it also got me my start with Barclay tag here at their hill. How I started galloping for him here. He had a string at fair hill and my gal for him and then eventually moved up to become his assistant. How do you go from FOX hunting and Pennsylvania to fair hill and being an exercise rider? Well, I mean that job was just pretty much to move me to this area to figure out what I was going to do. And that's. When I met Parkway and became an exercise rider for them with the goal that I would eventually become an assistant and kind of learn the horse racing world from the ground up. What did your parents say about what you chosen to do? With those two masters degrees. They were not thrilled. They still think I'm a little nuts. And the fact that you know, I work seven days a week. And I haven't had a day off and many years, but we've had a little bit of success. They're starting to kind of be what my my goal was a long, and they're you know, they're coming around. But still it wasn't ideal in there is at the time. Well in light of that. How nervous will you when you finally decided to go out on your own? I wouldn't say I was nervous. You know? It was a goal, and I like I'm somewhat of a driven person. And so I had a goal. And I knew when I became an assistant as the idea was to learn as much as I could to have an eventual string of my own, and you know, it came around gradually and worked I way into it. And so it was just a natural flow. Really? I'm guessing you're hoping that the success of always mining will lead to more business how big a stable do you have? And how big would you like it to be? I have about forty horses in training right now. We've had more in the past. I'm a very hands on person. I checked every horse's legs every morning. So I don't know how we'd like to go. We'd like to continue to improve the stable and have a nice allowance level stable. So you know, it just depends on I don't know that there's a magic number to stop at. It's just when I feel like I can't stand up everything that I'm going to have to take a minute and relook at it. It is always morning still in control leads almost two legs. From is six furlongs twelve three sixty s lift to go with like the distances. No problem at all. For always finding always minding kept attest opening up a half dozen on Joey his second and tai-bo third. Always mining wants to run all day, always minding to win it by six or so we've talked on this show recently about the stickiness of the future of the Preakness. But considering that always mining. Is one six in a row with loyal race course and made nine of his twelve career starts there. I'm guessing you personally wouldn't be too opposed to running the Preakness there this year. This year. That'd be perfect. That's going to happen. I mean, how concerned are you that he can bring his race track with him? Even though it's still in the state of Maryland. Actually, I think the Tenneco course going to set him up nicely. It's got a nice long stretch. And he just has a very large scale thing stride. So I I I don't see this the track change to be a problem. We're going to have to do it. Eventually, then I'm guessing you don't mind seeing that just about all of the top derby contenders are going elsewhere now that plays well for us, absolutely more. We certainly wish you the best of luck here. Kelly ruby. Thank you so much for sharing a few minutes with us. Thank you. Thank you haven't. We're going to take our first break here on in agape when we come back. It's time to revisit that whole d Q rule and how it's interpreted on guessing, you know, why we need a refresher. So go

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