San Francisco's E-Cigarette Ban Aims to Goose the FDA


Tuesday. San Francisco became the first major city in the nation to approve a blanket ban on the sale and manufacture of e cigarettes, the city supervisors passed the ban unanimously like many cities across the country. San Francisco says it's trying to stem vaping epidemic among school aged kids and teens. Join us to talk about the ban in San Francisco and what it could mean for the rest of California is attorney Andrew tournament Seco with the public health Law Center, which monitors tobacco laws across the country. Thanks for being with us. Thank you for having me. We'll supporters of the band say that it can help rein in vaping, kids and teens. But some who oppose it Sates going to remove viable smoking, turn it, that can help people quit supervisors at all weigh in on vaping as a path toward quitting. That's valid point on, I think manufacturing, especially to have been making this Wayne. And this claim is not actually founded in science. Oh. In fact. And we know that those pass wait for them to gain that status to if the approval to, to be a cessation product from combustible products. The report says that e cigarettes where the most commonly used products high school students in two thousand seventeen the surgeon general has mentioned how the use of cigarettes has explicitly increase in middle and high school students of the rate of nine hundred percent between two thousand two thousand fifteen and the pattern of use of cigarettes, higher within teenagers and young adults spending adult so idea that they products or e cigarettes are a cessation tool. He's. Listen. Do BS those numbers those numbers about growth in, in student populations of there staggering, but did San Francisco at all ever? Consider a sort of a more tailored approach in terms of banning them in schools, and or exploring options like vape monitors that, I know some schools across the nation have those restrooms and other parts of schools. The best way to stay me that we're facing right now. We do this is an pedantic but synthesis believes it's facing and the best way to do. It took the approach that they felt appropriate to spend that they make San Francisco really just the first city sort of actively take on FDA, that's maybe dragging its heels on weighing in on vaping. San Francisco as I just the forefront. And, and like you mentioned, you know, the FDA has this pathway through, which is cigarettes can be on the market, and they're not doing that. They've been pushing back to dead line products. I've been on the market for many, many years. Now. And dictate adults has the numbers show, and this is presenting a public health catastrophe and, yeah, San Francisco's want as on the forefront of doing this having difficulty reconciling, the fact that jewel, one of the largest makers of, of e cigarette products is headquartered there and is a large player in the market, and a resident of the city, that's actually great point. And they'll initiatives now in San Francisco to try to change that, so that the CD sense right message, when he'd enacts laws that protect the public health about having the industry that is responsible for this being housed in its own property. What we should inside that this band is Cisco did just pass is temporary can only last up to six months. That said, do you anticipate this catching with other large cities states? I mean there's, there's things making their way through the California legislature. Right now about vaping and prohibiting it in some places the beauty about. Public health initiatives, that developing the local level. It's that incremental in a sense that Justice Brandeis said you know, there's a laboratories of democracy. This is this is a politics being tested on the on the local level. And if it gains public public health goals, we hope to see it working its way to localities. Also, diffusing ports to the state, and another high level, so that, you know, we as a society, take steps to address on pedantic and midst. What would you tell somebody? That is an adult choosing to, to use an EC Greg product in the bay area. And now knowing they are going to be banned from using it is that is that, right? Is that fair? Do they have the right to smoke? What they want. Well, I hate to recognize you, but there's no right to smoke or those right to access this product. I mean I I'm really I'm pathetic to people find themselves addicted to these. Product. Some good diction probably has been going on for many years and interventions available to people who would like to transition from those combustible products, the FDA approved cessation products. And for example, you'll probably have a great important of nicotine even combustible cigarettes. That's does lawsuits going on right now where those claims have been made that jill's Jews make an for. Delivering nicotine is more potent combustible cigarette. So what's on fair is the business practices of, of the cigarette industry, trying to continue to push his products in the public that have delicious public health effects on the population Andrew twin about Seco is a staff attorney with public health Law Center. Thanks so much for being with us today. Welcome, thank you for having me.

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