With Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors Find Success That Endures


Coli Leonard is in the conversation of being the best player in the. World. There's no argument about that. Kawhi Leonard is certainly in the conversation. He's I think at this point certainly in the top three he was asked about that after the game. I just said you're the best player to league and he plays into Ronco. What does it feel like to hear that said about you? How do you feel you've established yourself and position to his playoff run? I don't really judge my you know game like the I'm more of a team team aspects with my team is going just wanna win on care about being best player. I want to be the best team always said that. And you know, just before the season when we made the trade massage felt that way about me, he told me how he felt and why he made the trade and, you know, just turning out. It's well now I mean we're in a finals in, we're not done yet. I mean, the trade cannot have turned out any better for really anybody associated with the raptors. I mean, they traded Damara Rosen Jacob poll. I believe that's how you pronounce his last name, if I'm wrong. I apologize in a protected twenty nineteen first round pick up protected twenty nine thousand first round pick protected. They got back awhile internet Danny green. That's a big time trade for the raptors. That was an all in move for the raptors. I think the rafters clearly saw LeBron's gone. You know lebrons part, owner of the rafters. He's out. We got a chance to go to the NBA finals, Boston kind of felt that way Philadelphia kind of felt that way. Mo- walkie. Certainly felt that way there are four teams felt like they had a chance to go to the NBA finals out of the east for the first time in eight seasons. The rafters did it. You made a tough trae at least an emotional decision when it came to D'amoto Rosen who certainly gave you his commitment when it came to wanting to be in Toronto. He got traded. These are the brakes so to speak, he's gone. You got a chance to get a top five player in the league who is healthy and motivated in Colli lynyrd. And he did exactly what he was supposed to do. He filled his end of the bargain. I got you to the finals he got you, as far as any player in your organization is taking you Vince Carter, couldn't do it. Damara Rosen couldn't do it. Colli Leonard did it. So he might not want to have the conversation about best player in the world. And I completely understand. I mean that's a conversation for us in the media. It's a conversation for fans to have. So and he kind of guy. So if you don't want to have that conversation. Fine. I'll have it for you. You were in the conversation for best player in the league, you're in the conversation, you're on the shortlist. There's five people that can make the argument, Katie Steph LeBron kuwa- a Janas. That's it. You just beat honest. You had a chance to go against Steph, if it's still up in the air, it can be undeniable. If you play really wellness NBA finals, and I have no doubts. I've no reason. To believe that he won't play. Well he's played well the last time he was there against the Braun when he was a younger player. Certainly have the experience and this one now not more experience than the warriors but Claus coming in. This is going to put together a really

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