Cannabis, NFL And Federal Government discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson


Laundry list of injuries concussions surgeries all that shit. Cannabis was really my preferred source of pain management when I came out of the league started talking about that started writing about that. And, you know, the next thing, I know cannibus advocate. I formed an org about it. Cannabis in how it's like people still saying don't do it. When people people before, you know, more. Now. Yeah. I mean, there's you know, the federal government has a patent on Canaveral. It says neuro protective an antioxidant. So they know that it can actually help the brain he'll beautiful. So, you know, for me with concussions being such a big issue in the NFL and mental health issues ball players, you know, cannabis to me is the should be the number one remedy for that. I

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