Overcast launches clip-sharing to social media



Popular podcast app. Overcast has launched clip sharing away listeners to share up to sixty seconds of their favorite podcast with other people on social media. The app produces a video or audio file to share all a link to a website luminary have responded to our many stories about them on Friday, clearly stating that they will continue to remove links from show notes quote due to important security concerns as we reported on Twitter show notes left intact in the majority of podcast apps including apple podcasts. Meanwhile, more podcast, publishers have requested their shows be removed from luminary Stitcher podcasts have been removed and Stitcher. Asking those podcast represented by mid roll to consider doing the same PR X, including radio topa are off. And we have a statement from Latigo Williams and co saying similar we have no. Plans to remove our podcast Henderson research is announcing a new set of data for podcast networks and advertising agencies. The podcast. Consumer quarterly tracking report is a subscription podcast, which offers bespoke research for individual podcast networks podcast host simple cast has launched a new metric for the podcast industry. That's their claim. Anyway, unique listeners the new metric world begin appearing in simple cost customer dashboards tomorrow. Transistor a podcast host has significantly increased available downloads within its pricing plans. The company is also reworking its analytics algorithms as it works on AB compliance, which may have a negative effect on apparent total numbers. John Gruber has written along blog posts saying that all podcast shows. But not all shows podcasts, we linked to it from show notes and our newsletter today, highlighting luminary and Spotify premium subscription models radio days, Europe's pod. Past day has an answer their first set of speakers including founder of Google podcasts. Zach Renault were dean and Andrew Davies from ABC audio studios. Australia the event is in London in the UK on the thirteenth of June. Pod news is a media partner and will be there to there is simply no excuse for the current state of live of Lipson. That's according to a shareholder of lips in k Mak partners, which is demanding all four existing directors of the company removed. Two quotes bring needed discipline to Lipson and an unwavering commitment to stockholder value. They've suggested five new directors four of whom only have a financial background and the other has just launched a new podcast onto luminary audio boom are apparently seeking a further five million pounds at six and a half billion dollars of funding. They raised two million dollars at the end of February. Why are host read ads so popular with advertisers? And listeners alike. Steven Goldstein looks at the history of the medium in a blog post that we linked to in our show notes and our newsletter today. Overcast developer Marco Arment has been vocal about luminary. However, Leon Zand Mun tweets him somehow funny that in the same week you take part in the fuzz about luminaries proxy of podcasts. You introduce a feature that enables re hosting of podcast audio and enables the audio to be played without hitting the original source. He has a point. Meanwhile, we're looking forward to a special luminary premium exclusive that we've discovered called test premium podcast one, and we all selling to Ben running who's head of design at luminary. He was speaking at design driven in New York five days before launch and podcast made it to luminary slide deck, which was nice in podcasts. Today, we mentioned four of them the detail launched today. It's daily news podcasts from Radio New Zealand. The hello. The internet podcast sold a special podcast episode for sixty three dollars recently on wax. Cylinder the episode sold out and we link to a video of the making it the Koi pond has been acquired by Starbucks audio. They've also announced a new podcast the pants down with MS Pat. And we listen to and liked the daily on Friday talking about the measles outbreak in parts of New York.

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