Judge orders Olivieri, 16, to stand trial in teens' deaths


Five and nearly a year and a half after the murder of two sixteen year old boys in south Philadelphia, the murder trial against the defendant. Brendan oliveri begins from the criminal Justice center covering it for us, what abuse Preston Johnson in front of the jury. Brennan, oliveri pleaded not guilty each count of murder on gun related charges. He face it. Secured of shooting and killing sixteen year olds Coby Miller and Salvator to new early assistant district attorney Dave Osborn open the trial against him saying the two lives ended before they ever really began. And then laid out with already say happened. Oliveri went looking for newly on the night of October twenty four two thousand seventeen armed with a gun because he had recently lost a fight with a new balloon, his friends, and they say that when all very pointed the gun at the sixteen year old trying to wrestle it away from him. But then was shot in the chest Miller was caught in the crossfire and also fatally. Shot. Prosecutors say they have video I witnesses cell phone and physical evidence tying oliveri to the murders. But defense attorney Bama Zander says the case is filled with inconsistencies confusion and chaos and others no gun or physical evidence linking his client to the crime. Testimony has started and is expected to continue

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