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Help joe biden or amy klobuchar are both in terms of giving money writing up is like imagine if brad stevens instead of like carmelo's made me racially is secure today said hey joe biden is the best candidate in here's why i think that would actually be more more interesting use of his his power and influence there's a lot of x john k sick and george bush staffers who seemed to be talking about joe biden and the moderates i mean there are some never trumper people or staffers of former staffers and never trumper people who seem to be voluble in their support for someone like joe biden saying this is the person who could win blah blah blah yeah part of the story coming out of the two thousand eighteen midterms was that democrats made a lot of games in these these traditionally republican areas like orange county georgia six wealthy houston suburbs etc if those right leaning independence or never trump republicans were to vote in the democratic party first of all do we think they would consider voting in the democratic primary if they did where they have any kind of meaningful impact are they having any kind of meaningful impact i would love to see a good data point on this we know the joe biden is winning quote unquote moderates and conservatives in the primary but a lot of black voters in aneurysms himselves moderates but those people are

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