'Men in Black: International' Struggles to Find Its Place in the Universe


Out, Ryan. It's been long awaited men in black international. Yeah. Long-awaited is right, dis movies, usually, take a while to get to the feeder. And this is the first one gotten since men in black three in two thousand twelve obviously say continuation of the franchise that started with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones all the way back in nineteen Ninety-seven, of course, this time around, we don't have either of them. I think if you attention you might see their framed photos show up in one scene. But this time the action is centered in the London branch of which is run by Liam Neeson's, high t-, Tessa Thompson is a rookie agent agent age, who is teamed up with kind of a full of himself, slacker agent, m who is played by Chris Hemsworth. They have to basically uncover a mole in the organization y. While at the same time prevent an alien threat from getting their hands on a powerful weapon. So you know it's pretty standard stuff. There aren't particularly any clever plot elements and it kinda plays out exactly as you might expect it to, you know, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson had great chemistry together and four. Ragnarok, they seem to be having fun here. But it doesn't quite compared to that movie still. It's probably one of the few bright, spots, otherwise typical Sifi blockbuster. The supporting cast is great has 'em Thomson. You know, Camille, non Johnny and Rebecca Ferguson. They offer their voices, two two different alien characters kinda steel seems at they're in that a lot of this feels way to millier and kind of not quite inventive enough to sort of justify extending the franchise, so it's not doing very well at all with the critics. It's currently at twenty six percents. I personally think that's a little bit low because I still think it's kind of fun world to be in. So if you feel the same way, it'll probably be decent time killer. But I wouldn't go in there expecting like a huge revitalization of the franchise. Yeah. That's kind of disappointing from my vantage point, I was ten when the first one came out and I love and I still like that movie. But yeah, there were definitely some diminishing returns as the franchise went on. And I was hoping that this would sort of be a reset that there would be something good. Yeah. I mean, I think a lot of people were hoping for that, especially with the involvement. I mean, the two stars Chris Henderson has Thomson everybody thought okay? This is going to be so Ragnar off to in a sense, and it's not quite that. I think the, the director is f Gary gray who's done with me. No heated the most recent fast and furious movies and the Italian job, so you've got some, you know, action under his belt. But for some reason, he just can't quite manage the tone of this one properly, I think, but again, I still think it's kind of a fun movie to watch. So I mean if you're into that world into that universe, I wouldn't necessarily Ryan, would you say it's one of those things we talked about this before where you have. A whole lot of critic saying. You know I just can't give it a thumbs up. It's not terrible, but it ends up being a negative review which against it. It's not like so when you see twenty five or twenty six percent it's everybody's saying this is terrible. Stay away. It's just it's. All right. Yeah. I definitely think that that's the case with this one. I think a lot of people feel extremely lukewarm. I mean, don't get me wrong. There's a fair share of people who saw this and thought it's really bad. Oh, okay. There's definitely a handful of critics thought. Oh, this is the worst in the franchise. But, you know, I think the, the average score is four point five out of ten so that might tell you something. Okay.

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