Twice as many live with multiple sclerosis than previously thought, research says


Multiple sclerosis is a mysterious disease but we recently learned something new about it something big we now know nearly one million people live with MS in the U. S. that's twice as many as previously thought com was Molly Shannon explains why that number is so significant Morgan Smith is one of the nearly million people in the United States who lives with multiple sclerosis and she lives in a hot bed the Seattle area scientists don't know why but the four other people live from the equator the higher the MS numbers still it took two years for doctors to sort through all her symptoms and make the diagnosis my first reaction was relief as I was getting dismissed by so many doctors and I I finally had it the answer Daddy answer led to treatment for her vertigo the tingling in her hands and feet her bouts of sudden weakness and fatigue they are symptoms many MS patients are able to hide the national MS society says we all likely know someone with him as a friend and neighbor so seeing the number of patients go from four hundred thousand people in the US to nearly a million isn't a surprise but it is a call to action but when we're advocating for people in our state and local governments for better access to transportation or respite care for care givers those numbers give us more solid footing for asking for what people need it means more research dollars too right now against like annual MS walks provide much of the money for research and support just six days after she was diagnosed Morgan and Nick went to their first MS walk and it next urging they got married under the finish line arch pledging to take on her MS together I am able so I will and so there's things that she may not be able to do that I can take on and I'm a hundred percent okay without regular exercise and good nutrition along with medication help Morgan controller symptoms with imass her future is uncertain but as we learn more about the disease and the number of people living with it she is optimistic for confident there will be a key here within my lifetime

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